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Nicolette Cuthbert interview #2

The detectives asked Nicolette to come in so they could follow up on their recent conversation with Trish.

Lorraine Estrada interview #2

The detectives asked Kelly's friend and pharmacist for more information about Kelly's prescription medication.

Trish Lee interview #2

The detectives asked Trish for more insight into how the ladies spent their time together.

Karen West interview #2

The detectives talked to Karen again, hoping for a more productive conversation than their first one.

Russell Moran interview #2

The detectives asked Russell for more information about his late wife.

Fingerprint analysis

The lab analyzed evidence from the Kelly Moran crime scene for fingerprints.

Evidence analysis

The lab examined items collected from the scene at the Moran residence, 797 Muirfield Drive.

Seeking the public's help

The Crime Beat reports: The sheriff's department is asking for help identifying a potential witness.

Registered vehicles

YCSD investigators located vehicle registration information for persons of interest in the Kelly Moran case.

Places of Interest

This map shows locations in Yoknapatawpha County that are relevant to the Kelly Moran investigation.

Neighbor security video

A resident near the crime scene provided security video recorded the evening Kelly was killed.

Coroner's report

The Coroner's Office provided a preliminary autopsy report on Kelly Moran. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Kenny Ross interview

The detectives asked a confidential informant if he had heard anything about Kelly's murder.

Kenny Ross bio

Kenny came out of prison vowing to put his criminal past behind him.

2nd cell phone records

Investigators obtained the recent activity from the Tracfone found in the Moran's sofa.

Kelly Moran cell phone records

Investigators obtained the activity from Kelly's iPhone for the days leading up to her murder.

Warren Lee interview

The detectives asked Trish's husband about his and his wife's relationships with Kelly.

Warren Lee biography

Warren worked hard for years to expand on the success of his grandfather's business.

Michael West interview

The detectives talked to Karen's husband about his wife and about their relationships with Kelly.

Michael West biography

Michael was driven to succeed from an early age

James Cuthbert interview

The detectives spoke to Nicolette's husband about his and his wife's relationships with Kelly Moran.

James Cuthbert biography

James was a prominent physician in New York City before moving to Oxford.

David Estrada interview

The detectives asked Lorraine's husband what he knew about Kelly Moran.

David Estrada biography

David overcame a difficult childhood and now counsels others who need help.

Trish Lee interview

The detectives spoke to Trish about Kelly's personal relationships and more.

Trish Lee bio

Trish has always been determined to get what she wants out of life.

Investigators stumped?

The Crime Beat reports: Officials aren't talking; COP puts up reward for information

Nicolette Cuthbert interview

The detectives asked Nicolette about the last time she saw Kelly and their mutual acquaintances.

Nicolette Cuthbert biography

Nicolette's marriage to her oncologist husband began to founder once she had children.

Karen West interview

The detectives asked another of Kelly's friends about Kelly's social life and recent activities.

Truth and consequences

Does the Face in the Mirror have some inside scoop on Kelly's murder?

Lorraine Estrada interview

The detectives spoke to Kelly's friend and pharmacist about Kelly's social life and medical situation.

Lorraine Estrada biography

Lorraine dreamed of being a country singer before she became a pharmacist

Zina Jacinto interview

Zina contacted Detectives Armstrong and Murphy about the death of her neighbor, Kelly Moran.

Zina Jacinto biography

Zina is a longtime resident of the neighborhood where the Morans live.

Moran evidence inventory

CSU submitted this preliminary inventory of evidence collected from the scene at 797 Muirfield Drive.

Socialite found dead

The Crime Beat reports: Oxford socialite's husband finds her dead. Foul play is suspected.

Moran neighbor canvass

Investigators canvassed Muirfield Drive residents to learn what neighbors saw and heard the night Kelly died.

Kelly Moran biography

Kelly and her husband moved to Oxford from Florida a few years after they married.

Russell Moran interview

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to the victim's husband about his discovery of the body.

Russell Moran biography

Russell and his wife moved back to his hometown after a failed run for office in Miami.

Moran scene photos

CSU provided some photos of the Kelly Moran scene.

Incident report

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting the discovery of a body at the Moran residence.

Karen West biography

Karen has struggled to fit into small-town life since moving to Oxford for her husband.

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