How did Kimberly Pace end up dead at the bottom of her basement stairs?What's happened so far…

Investigation Day 1

Late Sunday morning, the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department got a 911 call reporting a woman found dead in her home.

The dead woman was identified as Kimberly Pace by her sister, Becky, who was one of three people who made the heartbreaking discovery.

Kim's close friend, Cheryl Weston, was also there for the gruesome find along with friend and neighbor, Jeremy Gladwell.

Investigators spoke with nearby residents to find out if anyone witnessed anything unusual recently, while the Oxford Weekly Planet broke the news to the community.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, the detectives spoke to Kimberly's next door neighbor.

After lunch, her estranged boyfriend came in for a sitdown with the detectives.

Then the detectives tracked down the controversial column in the campus newspaper and Dr. Pace's rebuttal.


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They also reviewed CSU's preliminary inventory of evidence collected at Dr. Pace's home and spoke to the young man seen riding his bike in her neighborhood the morning her body was found.

Later, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy went over to the university to meet with the student who reportedly wrote the inflammatory column in the campus newspaper.

Investigation Day 3

The next morning, the detectives spoke with Dr. Bricker, one of Kimberly's colleagues who was not her biggest fan.

Later, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to the friend Paul's been staying with about Paul's whereabouts the night Kimberly died and more.

Then they talked to Miguel's girlfriend to see if she corroborated Miguel's story.


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