Hair Loss For Detectives Only

Canvass – area businesses

YCSD investigators spoke to businesses near Campus Walk and The Turn, Kristi Waterson's apartment complex.

Places of interest map

Investigators mapped Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the Kristi Waterson investigation.

Canvass – Campus Walk apartments

YCSD investigators spoke to residents at Campus Walk, an apartment complex near Kristi Waterson's.

Crime scene inventory

CSU provided a list of evidence collected from Kristi Waterson's apartment.

Canvass – business school students

The detectives spent the afternoon talking to students in the business school.

Office inventory

After talking to John Brewer, the detectives took a look around Kristi's office.

John Brewer interview

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with Kristi's supervisor at the university.

John Brewer bio

John is known for his long tenure at Ole Miss and his volatile temper.

Michael & Virginia Waterson interview

The detectives spoke to Kristi's parents by phone.

Kristi Waterson cell phone records

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy reviewed recent calls on Kristi's cell phone.

Countdown until Case Officers get new information

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