Alibi canvass – Kenneth Lemmons

YCSD investigators asked Malco theater employees if they saw Kenneth Lemmons the night Veronica died.

Billy Lee interview

The detectives interviewed the owner of Billee's Auto Service about the repairs to Veronica's tires.

Danielle Lemmons obituary

Investigators obtained a copy of the obituary for Danielle Lemmons from the local newspaper.

Angela Kramer interview

Detective spoke to Dwight Kramer's wife, Angela, about her husband's activities the evening Veronica died.

Kenneth Lemmons interview

The detectives asked Kenneth about his lawsuit against Dr. Smith, her practice, and the hospital.

Kenneth Lemmons bio

Kenneth grew up in nearby Batesville and moved to Oxford after he met his wife.

Incident report – tire slashing

Veronica Smith called 911 on December 19, 2017, to report her car had been vandalized.

Richard Hayes interview

Richard Hayes represents Kenneth Lemmons in his malpractice suit against Veronica Smith and others, her practice, her partners and the hospital.

Alibi canvass – Wallace Smith

Investigators canvassed Wallace Smith's neighbors about his activities the night Veronica Smith died.

Re-Canvass – Smith/O'Connor neighbors

Investigators asked the Smith/O'Connor neighbors again if they'd seen anything unusual in recent weeks.


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