Kimberly Pace journal excerpts

YCSD investigators were able to decrypt Kimberly Pace's journal, which was found on her laptop.

Kimberly Pace bank statement

Investigators obtained the last statement issued for Kimberly Pace's checking account prior to her death.

Paul Evans samples

Samples from the Paul Evans Collection shown at the C'est Belle Gallery.

Lila Lawson interview

Lila Lawson owns the C'est Belle Gallery, which hosted Paul Evans's show the night Kimberly died.

Angela Wilder interview

Arts patron Angela Wilder has supported and promoted Paul Evans as an artist.

Elizabeth Gregory interview

Dr. Gregory saw Kimberly Pace a few days before her death.

Ole Miss professor laid to rest

Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat reports: Kimberly Pace's funeral was held at the campus chapel.

Cody Matthews bio

Cody Matthews grew up in a small town and initially found the Ole Miss community overwhelming.

Cody Matthews interview

Some witnesses allege that Cody Matthews was stalking Dr. Pace.

Dr. Pace's financial records

YCSD investigators obtained a summary of Dr. Pace's financial status.

Dr. Pace's computer contents

YCSD investigators analyzed Dr. Pace's laptop and USB thumb drives.


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