John Brewer interview #2

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy asked Kristi's supervisor to come in and answer some more questions.

Murder probe continues

The Crime Beat reports: YCSD continues the pursuit of instructor's killer.

Employee reprimand

Investigators identified documentation in a Rebel Inn personnel file with potential relevance to the Waterson case.

Employee time records

Investigators examined records to learn who was working when Kristi Waterson called the Rebel Inn.

Search – Rebel Inn

YCSD investigators searched for information related to calls from Kristi Waterson's cell phone to the Rebel Inn.

Emily Peyton interview #2

The detectives asked Emily to come in for some follow-up questions.

Accused killer freed

Jenna Hall reports live from the crime scene.

Murder suspect released

The Crime Beat reports: New evidence reportedly clears accused killer

Case file note

The detectives obtained court records relevant to the Kristi Waterson investigation.

Updated places of interest map

Investigators added more Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the Kristi Waterson investigation to the map.

Arrestee #2 interview

The person of interest arrested recently asked to speak to Detectives Armstrong and Murphy.

Arrest report

Another person of interest was taken into custody on charges unrelated to the Waterson murder.

Countdown until Case Officers get new information

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