Code Violation

Construction workers found the body of an unidentified young woman near their site.

Murder is Academic

Professor Hemphill found his colleague Douglas Reed shot to death at a literary conference.

Deadly Drama

Controversial theatre director Andrea Stover was found dead in an office complex.

Raw Deal

Wealthy Philip Fontaine died in a pool of blood on his kitchen floor.

Show Stopper

Stage manager Scott Bryant's lifeless body was found backstage after a dress rehearsal.

Real Estate Rancor

Annette Wyatt was murdered at the real estate agency where she worked.

Final Argument

Who killed DA Brooks in the woods outside town?

Motor Head

Why did a young man break into the home of a family friend?

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Barbara was favored to win the pageant. Instead, she was brutally murdered.

Stranger Danger

Attorney Robert Pruitt and an unidentified man were found dead in Pruitt's home.

Perfect Aim

When Frederick left church, it wasn't his guardian angel who was watching.

Fatal Hang-Up

When Mee-Yon checked on her best friend, Courtney, she found her hanged in her apartment.



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