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New Information for Detectives

Phyllis Roy interview #2

The detectives asked Phyllis for more information about the person she heard yelling.

Craig Albright interview #2

The detectives talked to Craig again to follow up on some unanswered questions.

Mee-Yon Kim interview #2

The detectives asked Mee-Yon Kim about some information they've uncovered since their last conversation.

Dylan Roy interview

The detectives spoke to Phyllis's grandson to learn more about his relationship with Courtney.

Maplewood Apartments map

YCSD investigators made a diagram showing locations of interest in the Maplewood Apartments property.

Places of Interest

This map shows Oxford locations that are relevant to the investigation.

Morris Case Timeline

YCSD investigators compiled a timeline of activities on the weekend Courtney Morris was killed.

Fingerprint Analysis

CSU analyzed fingerprints found on evidence collected at the crime scene. Additional analyses are ongoing.


New Information for Officers

Jenna Mayne interview

The florist said one of his employees may have delivered the roses to Courtney Morris.

Terry Hinson interview

YCSD investigators located the florist who sold the roses delivered to Courtney.

Justin Landry interview

The detectives Courtney's boyfriend come in to talk about when he last saw her.

Justin Landry bio

Justin is an Ole Miss football player and met his girlfriend, Courtney, in math class.

Phyllis Roy bio

Courtney's neighbor Phyllis moved to the Maplewood Apartments about five years ago after her husband died.

Phyllis Roy interview

The detectives spoke to the neighbor who lives in the apartment across from Courtney.

Craig Albright interview

The detectives spoke with the Maplewood Apartments manager, who was present when Courtney's body was found.

Craig Albright bio

Craig has worked for more than a decade at the Maplewood Apartments, where Courtney Morris lived.

New Info for Detectives

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