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New Information for Detectives

Anna Kessler interview #2

The detectives asked Anna more about the board's involvement in the production.

Lara Shipp interview

The detectives asked the Yoknapatawpha Players' producer about their financial situation.

Ervin Cyr interview #2

The detectives asked Erv about the board's operations and finances.

Denis Goodman interview #2

The detectives asked Denis some follow-up questions about the script and the rehearsal.

Woody Herron interview #2

The detectives talked to the assistant stage manager about backstage activities during the show.

Canvass – cast & crew #2

Investigators spoke with cast and crew members about a potentially suspicious stain found backstage.

Presumptive blood test results

Potential bloodstains from the scene were tested for the presence of human blood.

Scene inventory

CSU provided a preliminary inventory of items taken into evidence from the scene.

New Information for Officers

Canvass – Bryant associates

Investigators spoke with Scott's friends and neighbors.

Canvass – Bryant family

Investigators spoke with Scott's family members.

Search – Bryant residence

YCSD investigators searched Scott Bryant's residence for potential evidence.

Scott Bryant bio

Scott grew up in Alabama and later moved to Oxford with his longtime girlfriend.

Stage manager dies

The Crime Beat reports: Man dies during theater rehearsal

Canvass – cast & crew

Investigators spoke with supporting cast and crew members about what they witnessed during the rehearsal.

Janet Weber interview

The detectives asked Janet about her experiences during the rehearsal.

Janet Weber bio

After overcoming childhood anxieties, Janet found modest success in a career and on the stage.


New Info for Detectives

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