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New Information for Detectives

Coleman search

The detectives obtained warrants to search the Coleman residence and collect biological samples from Bruno.

Beecher search

The detectives obtained warrants to search the Beecher residence and collect biological samples from Joey.

Kyle Parker interview

The detectives invited Kyle in so they could ask him about his client, Ashley Fontaine.

Kyle Parker bio

Kyle has a colorful history but has never been implicated in any violence.

Grant Fontaine interview #3

The detectives pressed Grant about his fight with his father and the cash his father reportedly had.

Will Sands interview #2

The detectives asked Will if he forgot to mention anything in his first interview.

DNA tutorial

The Crime Lab prepared this tutorial on Multiplex STR DNA analysis.

DNA analysis

Human blood samples from the crime scene were submitted for DNA analysis.

New Information for Officers

Amber Dunn interview

The detectives spoke to another trainer about Philip and her friend and co-worker Dawn.

Amber Dunn bio

Amber devoted herself to fitness as a teenager and chose a career as a personal trainer.

Dawn Thurman bio

Already a divorcée, Dawn is still looking for her Prince Charming.

Dawn Thurman interview

The detectives talked to Philip's personal trainer about her relationship with him.

Blood ABO typing

Samples of human blood found at the crime scene were submitted for ABO blood typing.

Coroner's report

Preliminary report from the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office on the autopsy of Philip Fontaine.

Karen Lewis bio

Karen was Philip's loyal secretary for most of her adult life.

Karen Lewis interview

Philip's longtime secretary told the detectives about his relationships with his family, friends, and enemies.

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New Info for Detectives

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