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New Information for Detectives

Barbara Byrns interview #2

The detectives asked Barbara to come in again to discuss some new information.

Rachel Moody interview #2

The detectives asked Rachel to be more forthcoming about the Byrns family.

Miranda Lambert bio

Miranda's childhood left her ill-equipped to be a mother to Alyx.

Miranda Lambert interview

The detectives tracked down Alyx's birth mother and brought her in for a conversation.

Megan Plummer interview #2

The detectives asked Megan for more information about what they learned from Katie.

Katie Henderson interview #2

The detectives asked Katie about the relationships in and around the Byrns family.

Fingerprints – Byrns residence

The crime lab sent over preliminary findings on fingerprints lifted from the death scene.

Josh Carstairs interview #2

The detectives asked Josh about some information in the fingerprint report.

New Information for Officers

Byrns consent search

Paul Byrns gave the detectives permission to collect some evidence from his residence.

Katie Henderson bio

Katie preferred hanging out with her best friend to studying and looking after her little brother.

Katie Henderson interview

The detectives asked Katie to describe Alyx's state of mind before her death.

Stephen Lamoire bio

Stephen had an unconventional past long before he came to Yoknapatawpha County.

Stephen Lamoire interview

The detectives asked Alyx's boyfriend to come in for a conversation.

Josh Carstairs bio

Josh's upbringing was anything but traditional, but he found his niche as a landscaper.

Josh Carstairs interview

The detectives spoke to the landscaper who was at the Byrns house the day Alyx died.

Barbara Byrns bio

Barbara was a devoted mother to Alyx as the demands of her career allowed.


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