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New Information for Detectives

One arrested in director's murder

The Crime Beat reports: Suspect in custody for slaying of filmmaker

Updated evidence analysis

The Crime Lab provided their preliminary findings on new evidence collected in the Kimbrough investigation.

New Information for Officers

Cheyenne Wyoming interview

The detectives brought Cheyenne to the sheriff's department to get some information from her.

Cheyenne Wyoming bio

Cheyenne's past is as colorful as her persona.

Case file note

The detectives added information to the case file about developments in the Kimbrough homicide investigation.

Gwen Carver interview #2

The detectives asked Gwen to come in and answer a few more questions.

Kayla Mathis interview #2

The detectives talked to Kayla about her experiences with Dalton Kimbrough.

Script excerpt #4

The detectives reviewed the script for the final scene in Dalton's movie.

Rob Budd interview #2

Rob contacted the detectives and asked to speak with them again.

Evidence analysis

The Crime Lab provided their preliminary findings on evidence collected at the Kimbrough homicide scene.

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New Info for Detectives

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