Drop Dead Gorgeous

Long-haired woman in an evening gown

What happened?

As Oxford buzzes over the Yoknapatawpha County Literature Festival Beauty Pageant, some in the community are opposed to the event for a wide variety of reasons, including the belief that the pageant demeans the literary legacy of the city.

While the company sponsoring the pageant has high hopes, others urge the community to boycott the pageant because of that company.

Meanwhile, the contestants and fans look forward to the crowning of the queen until a stunning development changes everything.

Investigation Day 1

As the Oxford Weekly Planet revealed more of what happened, the detectives investigated the scene.

While the detectives prepared to interview witnesses, other investigators gathered information about the victim, including her recent conversation with a local reporter.

The first witness Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to was the man who found the body.

Then they talked to the conference center manager who was on duty the night of the murder about what she saw and heard.

While a forensics tech collected biological samples from Bill Lamar, the detectives reviewed a preliminary list of items taken into evidence so far.

Later that afternoon, the detectives talked to Barbara's mother at the sheriff's department to find out how she learned her daughter was missing.

While the detectives reviewed Barbara's pageant platform for potential leads, the Oxford Weekly Planet reported on a vandalism incident at the convention center.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with the festival director to learn more about the pageant's addition to the events.

Then they reviewed the evidence investigators collected from the guests' rooms at the conference center hotel, including what appears to be a draft of a speech the victim planned to give.

When Barbara's pageant coach arrived, the detectives asked him about his relationship with her and his appearance at the conference center.

Later, they talked to a man Barbara dated in college about what brought him to town the same weekend as the pageant.

Afterward, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy sat down with the pageant's primary sponsor to learn more about the event.

Then they spoke with Barbara's friend who had called 911 to report her missing.

Investigation Day 3

The following day, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy went to see Barbara's former sponsor at his office to learn more about his relationship with her and the pageant.

Then they met with the YCCC bartender who was working in the lounge the night of the gala.

Later, they talked to the YCCC night custodian, who has a checkered past, to find out what he saw and did the night Barbara was killed.

After finishing that interview, the detectives headed up to Memphis to talk to one of the pageant judges about what he witnessed.

Investigation Day 4

When Detectives Armstrong and Murphy arrived at the station the next morning, reports from a local PI and the coroner's office were waiting for them.

An hour later, the detectives had Wendy Kullman in an interview room at the sheriff's department for a conversation.

After making arrangements for an upcoming interview, the detectives sat down with a retired professor who was at the YCCC the night Barbara was killed.

Then they talked to a little girl who might have seen something noteworthy that night.

Late that afternoon, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy took a look at locations relevant to the case and the calls to and from Barbara's hotel room.

Investigation Day 5

The next morning, the detectives met with one of the other finalists to find out more about her relationship with Barbara and her whereabouts the night Barbara was killed.

Then they talked to the mother of the third finalist about her relationships with the other contestants and her recent activities.

Up next, her daughter, who was one of Barbara's closest friends, told Detectives Armstrong and Murphy about what she witnessed at the pageant.

Later, they called the YCCC night custodian back in to clear up some open questions. 

Then the detectives had another conversation with Barbara's high school boyfriend to find out what he hadn't told them the first time.

Investigation Day 6

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy went to the judge's chamber's first thing to get a warrant to search Norm's home and vehicle for potential evidence.

When they got back to the station after the search, a tox report from the lab was waiting for them.

The detectives then contacted Denny by phone to get his response to Bill's description of their interaction at the pageant.

A short time later, Ingrid contacted the detectives to say she had something to tell them that would help the investigation.

Toward the end of the day, the Crime Lab sent over a fingerprint report, and later, a preliminary blood analysis report.

Investigation Day 7

The next morning, the detectives asked Wendy what she saw the night she (allegedly) vandalized the pageant office.

Then they met with Lucille Ruffin-Moore again to find out if she could identify the woman she saw the night of the pageant gala.

Later, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy received some information about where that anonymous email came from as well as a look at the Dubois financials.

After reviewing those reports, the detectives asked Susan to come back in to answer some more questions.

Her answers led them to call Mary in for another conversation.

Investigation Day 8

Bright and early, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy took one suspect into custody and executed two search warrants in the ongoing investigation into Barbara's death.

While the detectives were searching, the Oxford Weekly Planet broke the news of the arrest. Upon their return to the station, they found another report from the Crime Lab waiting for them.

Finally, the suspect's attorney notified the detectives that they were ready to have a conversation.

Investigation Day 9

The next day, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy sat down with Bill again to see if he could clear up some unanswered questions.

Investigation Day 10

While the detectives waited for results from the Crime Lab, Lamar Cosmetics had a rough start to the week.

Investigation Day 11

When the lab sent over their updated findings, the detectives' next step was clear.

Investigation Day 12

Just after dawn the next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy arrested the suspect that the latest forensics implicated.

A few hours later, the detectives and the suspect talked about the murder of Barbara Dubois.

Investigation Day 13

The Crime Beat covered the suspect's first court appearance.

Investigation Day 14

The Oxford Weekly Planet reported on how Barbara's loved ones are coping with their loss and honoring her memory.