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Moran neighbor canvass

Investigators canvassed Muirfield Drive residents to learn what neighbors saw and heard the night Kelly died.

Kelly Moran biography

Kelly and her husband moved to Oxford from Florida a few years after they married.

Russell Moran interview

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to the victim's husband about his discovery of the body.

Russell Moran biography

Russell and his wife moved back to his hometown after a failed run for office in Miami.

Moran scene photos

CSU provided some photos of the Kelly Moran scene.

Incident report

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting the discovery of a body at the Moran residence.

In memory of
Oxford's cultural ambassador
and friend of the site, Ron Shapiro,
we present his final appearance
in a Crime Scene case.

Man with long dark hair wearing a straw hat and red shirt

RIP, Ronzo
1944 – 2019

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