George Raymond interview

The man who lives next door to the Jensons wasn't a fan of Blake's.

George Raymond bio

George moved to Oxford for college and decided to make it his permanent home.

Anna Raymond interview

The detectives talked to the woman who lives next door to the Jensons.

Anna Raymond bio

A lifelong Oxonian, Anna has devoted herself to her family since selling her father's shop.

Jamey Allen interview

Jamey delivered pizza to Blake's party the night Blake died.

Jamey Allen bio

Jamey has always struggled for respect from peers with more money and natural charisma.

Marvin Lewis interview

The detectives met with one of Blake's friends who wasn't at the party.

Marvin Lewis bio

Marvin is more interested in studying than parties and video games.

Ron Baldwin interview

The detectives spoke to the party attendee who left the scene before officers arrived.

Ron Baldwin bio

Ron has been building his reputation as a tough character since childhood.

Scene diagram

Investigators created a diagram of the scene at 1198 Mimosa Drive.

Evidence inventory

CSU provided this inventory of evidence collected at Blake Jenson's residence.

Gamer dies at house party

The Crime Beat reports: Gamer's death is being treated as suspicious.

Blake Jenson bio

Blake stayed busy between his band, his studies, his girlfriend, and his video games.

Jennifer Alexander interview

The detectives talked to Blake's ex-girlfriend about what she was doing at his party.

Jennifer Alexander bio

Jennifer has been a social butterfly in Yoknapatawpha County all her life.

Kade Johnson interview

The detectives asked Kade to tell them what happened the night Blake died.

Kade Johnson bio

Kade has loved music and performing since she was a small child.

Gary Wilson interview

The detectives asked Gary what he saw and heard at Blake's party.

Gary Wilson bio

Gary moved to town for a fresh start after a failed marriage.

Frederick "Stix" Wallace interview

The detectives talked to the man who was at the party to challenge Blake.

Frederick "Stix" Wallace bio

Stix has always preferred video games and drumming over more social activities.

Bree Paxton interview

The detectives spoke with a friend of Blake's girlfriend who was at the party.

Bree Paxton bio

After a wild period in high school, Bree has gotten her life back on track.

Madison Spires interview

The detectives talked to Blake's girlfriend about what happened at the party.

Madison Spires bio

A longtime jokester, Madison started dating Blake after she played a prank on him.

Kent Erdell interview

The detectives talked to Blake's best friend, who called 911.

Kent Erdell bio

Kent and Blake have been close friends since they were infants.

One dead, one hospitalized after party

The Crime Beat reports: Emergency services called to a residence off South Lamar.

Incident report

YCSD Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a man not breathing.

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