Rayburn alibi canvass

Investigators spoke to Gary Rayburn's neighbors and others about his whereabouts.

Oliver Lee interview

The detectives talked to Mira's father about her activities the night of the killings.

Rick Gill interview

The detectives spoke to a man who reportedly threatened Robert Pruitt.

Rick Gill biography

Rick works well with his hands and struggles to control his sharp temper.

Mira Lee interview

The detectives spoke to Pruitt & Rayburn's secretary/receptionist about her late boss and his partner.

Mira Lee biography

After a devastating heartbreak, Mira set her sights on a career.

Gary Rayburn interview

The detectives spoke to Robert Pruitt's law partner about Pruitt's business and personal relationships.

Gary Rayburn biography

Gary floundered in life until Robert Pruitt became his friend and role model.

Neighbor canvass

YCSD investigators spoke to neighbors to see if they'd noticed anything around the Pruitt residence.

Robert Pruitt biography

Robert Pruitt was found shot to death in his home alongside another person his wife could not identify.

Officer Pettimore interview

Officer Lewis Pettimore was directing traffic at Tyler Ave. & Lamar Blvd. for the Street Party on the night of February 19th.

Crime scene diagram

A diagram showing the details of the room where the bodies were found.

Evidence inventory

CSU provided a preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the Tyler Avenue crime scene.

Vanessa Pruitt interview

The detectives met with Vanessa the morning after she found the bodies.

Vanessa Pruitt biography

After growing up in Alabama, Vanessa moved to Oxford to overcome a devastating loss.

Two victims found shot in Tyler Ave home

The Crime Beat column reports: Two shooting victims discovered in a Tyler Avenue home

Incident Report

YCSD Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting the discovery of two bodies.

New Info for Detectives

Countdown until Case Officers get new information


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