Travis Gilley interview summary

In 1958, Detective McPhail spoke with the bartender at Sid's Tavern about the comings and goings of multiple suspects and witnesses on the day of the murders.

1958 cleared suspect interview summaries

1958 investigators were able to clear some potential suspects of involvement.

Frank Valenti bio

After going to work at Bowlan Glove, Frank became a bit of a troublemaker.

Children snatched, parents murdered

The local newspaper reported on the community's reaction to the murders and other developments.

Jeff Skinner bio

Jeff ran with a rough crowd but wasn't very tough himself.

Jack Peach bio

Jack always struggled to achieve the acceptance and recognition he wanted in life.

Walter Hinkley bio

Walter was a hard-working and hard-playing man

Laid-off Bowlan Glove employees

Bowlan Glove supplied a list of the employees who were laid off on April 11, 1958.

Pete Corey bio

Pete was an odd child and a volatile adult.

Harvey Booker bio

Harvey liked drag racing, fistfighting, and carousing.

1958 suspect interview summaries

1958 investigators spoke to the people considered the most‑likely suspects in the Izard murders.

Elbert Warren bio

Elbert was liked and respected by his co-workers but not a favorite with management.

1958 background interview summaries

1958 investigators spoke to many Yoknapatawphans to gather background information on the Izards.

Jimmy Warren bio

Jimmy was known for his hot temper and quick fists.

Harold Bowlan interview

Detective McPhail interviewed Bowlan Glove Factory owner Harold Bowlan after he returned to Oxford.

Harold Bowlan bio

A self-made man, Harold Bowlan clawed his way up from poverty to wealth and respect.

Elliot Perch interview

Detective McPhail interviewed union organizer Elliot Perch about his relationships with Bowlan Glove employees.

Elliot Perch bio

Elliot Perch is a lifelong union supporter and promoter

News on the March newsreel

"News on the March" covers the Izard murders and the children's disappearance in 1958.

Investigators' notes – April 11, 1958

1958 investigators documented their efforts to locate potential witnesses and suspects on the day of the murders.

1958 CR106 canvass

1958 investigators spoke to County Road 106 residents about the Izards and the day of the murders.

1958 evidence photos

In 1958, investigators photographed evidence collected in the Izard murders from the crime scene.

Elroy Murphy interview

Detective McPhail interviewed county school bus driver Elroy Murphy about his conflict with the Izards.

Elroy Murphy bio

Elroy held several jobs in Oxford before going to work for the county school system.

Hannah Waithers interview

Detective McPhail interviewed neighbor Hannah Waithers about what she witnessed the day of the Izard murders.

Titus & Yvonne Hawkins interview

Detective McPhail interviewed the Hawkinses about what they witnessed the day of the Izard murders.

Roland Bland interview

Detective McPhail interviewed neighbor Roland Bland about what he witnessed the day of the Izard murders.

Lydia Catlett interview

Detective McPhail interviewed neighbor Lydia Catlett about what she witnessed the day of the Izard murders.

Thomas Joe Hinkley interview

Detective McPhail talked to Thomas Joe Hinkley about his discovery of the Izards' bodies.

Thomas Joe Hinkley bio

Tommy Joe grew up in Abbeville and went to work for the USPS after WWII.

Ricky & LeAnne Izard bio

Ricky and LeAnne were known as happy, energetic children until the day they disappeared.

Lisa Izard bio

A Yoknapatawpha County native, Lisa worked as a nurse until her first child was born.

Richard Izard bio

Richard grew up in nearby Toccopola, MS, and later moved to Oxford as an adult.

Is MI woman long-missing child?

In 1998, the Oxford Eagle covered Doris Hammack's quest for her true identity.

1958 incident report

The 1958 lead investigator wrote a report on the bloody scene at the Izard residence.

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