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Case Files

David Lane interview

The detectives asked Katy's supervisor at the library to come in for few questions.

David Lane bio

David's first and longest lasting love is reading, so he's a born librarian.

Sherry Guyton interview

The detectives invited a former cheerleader to tell them why she left the squad.

Sherry Guyton bio

Sherry has always been goal-oriented and driven to succeed.

Cell phone video

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy reviewed a video found on Katy's phone.

Katy Brown phone records

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy reviewed recent calls on Katy's phone.

Cody Brown interview

The detectives asked Cody about Katy's friends at school and on the cheer squad.

Cody Brown bio

Since the day Cody was born, Katy has been his favorite person.

Richard Brown interview

The detectives asked Richard about Katy's relationships with him and others.

Richard Brown bio

Richard raised Katy to run the family business as his father did with him.

Lauren Brown interview

The detectives asked Katy's mother to come in and talk to them about her daughter.

Lauren Brown bio

Since she became a mother, Lauren has been known for her persistence and determination.

Crime scene inventory

CSU submitted a preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the crime scene.

Teen found dead in woods

The Crime Beat reports: Cheerleader slain in woods

Theora Fennelly interview

The detectives talked to Katy's grandmother about their visit the morning Katy died.

Theora Fennelly bio

Theora has always been independent and taught her granddaughter to be the same way.

Holly Puskus interview

The detectives spoke to the cheerleading coach who called 911.

Holly Puskus bio

Holly has been devoted to cheerleading for most of her life.

Jennifer Adams interview

The detectives talked to Jennifer about how she came to find Katy's body.

Jennifer Adams bio

Native Oxonian Jennifer has made a name for herself with her peers and teachers.

Katy Brown bio

Katy has always been popular with her peers despite her often-voiced opinions about everything.

Incident report

YCSD Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a body in a wooded area.

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