Sum of the Parts

A maid at the Rebel Inn found a human finger under a piece of furniture.

The thumb's owner was nowhere to be found.

Severed finger on floor with crime scene ruler

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Megan Ford interview

Megan lives next door to Oscar Knight in Tupelo.

Megan Ford bio

Megan is a CPA in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Carolyn Knight interview

The detectives spoke to Carolyn about her brother and their relationship.

Carolyn Knight bio

Carolyn grew up in Oxford and moved to Tupelo after high school.

Search of Lamar Park lake

CSU submitted this preliminary inventory of items taken into evidence from the Lamar Park lake.

Coroner's report

Preliminary report on the human remains recovered at the Rebel Inn and at Lamar Park.

About the current investigationA maid at the Rebel Inn found a human finger under a piece of furniture. Where is the thumb's owner, and what happened in that room?

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The Sum of the Parts investigation began on Monday, August 29, 2022, and will run for about eight weeks.


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