Deadly Sins

Smiling blonde woman and a blonde female reporter in front of an apartment complex entrance
The body of a university instructor was found in her apartment

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Weldon Foyle interview

The detectives spoke with another of Kristi's students, who was less enamored of her teaching style.

Weldon Foyle bio

From a hardscrabble background, Weldon works hard to afford every class and earn every grade.

Trace evidence analysis

The crime lab sent over preliminary findings on evidence collected during the autopsy.

Dewey Devoe interview #2

The detectives visited Dewey at his apartment to get some additional information.

Deborah Eaton interview

The detectives asked Hunter's girlfriend to come in to talk about him and Kristi.

Deborah Eaton bio

From a working-class family in Natchez, Debby has always dreamed of a better life.

About the current investigationUniversity instructor Kristi Waterson was found dead in the apartment she shared with her cousin.

Detectives were skeptical of the signs of suicide at the scene.

Did someone want Kristi dead?

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The Deadly Sins investigation began on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, and will run for about eight weeks.


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