Beauty pageant biz alive

Today in Yoknapatawpha County… the beauty pageant business is alive and well.

Pageant demeans city, heritage

Today in Yoknapatawpha County… a loyal OWP reader decries pageant as a blight on Oxford.

Local biz pins hopes on pageant

Today in Yoknapatawpha County… a local cosmetics company sponsors pageant to stimulate business.

Pageant sponsors cruelty

Today in Yoknapatawpha County… a loyal OWP reader alleges cosmetics company needlessly tests on animals.

Festival queen to be crowned tomorrow

Today in Yoknapatawpha County… Literature Festival Queen to be chosen tomorrow from three finalists.

Breaking news from the pageant

The local news reports live from the convention center about stunning developments at the pageant.

Incident report

YCSD Emergency Services received a 911 call from the Yoknapatawpha County Conference Center.

Likely pageant winner slain

The Crime Beat column reports: Tragedy hit the Yoknapatawpha County Literature Festival pageant.

Barbara Dubois bio

Born and raised in Yoknapatawpha County, Barbara started participating in pageants as a child.

Barbara Dubois interview

The local news released their full interview with Barbara.

Bill Lamar bio

Bill was born and raised in Oxford but prefers living in Europe.

Bill Lamar interview

The detectives talked to Bill about his discovery of the body.

Yvonne Boyd bio

Yvonne Boyd is the Events Manager at the YCCC.

Yvonne Boyd interview

The detectives talked to the YCCC Events Manager about what she witnessed at the YCCC.

Bill Lamar consent search

Bill Lamar allowed CSU to collect biological samples from him for comparison.

Dubois scene inventory

CSU submitted this preliminary inventory of evidence collected from the crime scene at the YCCC.

Susan Dubois bio

The one bright spot in Susan's life of loss was her daughter, Barbara.

Susan Dubois interview

The detectives talked to Susan about the morning she discovered her daughter was missing.

Barbara Dubois platform

What cause was Barbara Dubois passionate about?

Pageant HQ defaced

The Crime Beat column reports: vandals lash out at the pageant and its primary sponsor.

Walbert Dopelson bio

A lifelong Oxonian, Walbert is well-traveled, well-educated, and well-respected.

Walbert Dopelson interview

The detectives asked Walbert about the pageant's role in the Yoknapatawpha County Literature Festival.

YCCC hotel room inventory

CSU submitted this inventory of evidence collected from hotel rooms of pageant-associated persons.

Victim's pageant speech

CSU recovered an apparent draft of a speech Barbara Dubois was planning to give.

Guest room locations

CSU prepared a diagram showing the rooms occupied by persons of interest to the investigation.

Marty Rutgers bio

Marty's life has long been a combination of mystery and peculiarity.

Marty Rutgers interview

The detectives asked Barbara's pageant coach about their history and his appearance at the pageant.

Denny Buchanan bio

Denny's mother made sure his path in life has been smooth and untroubled.

Denny Buchanan interview

The detectives talked to a man Barbara dated in college about their relationship.

Allie Lamar bio

Most of Allie's achievements in life can be attributed to sheer determination.

Allie Lamar interview

The detectives spoke with the pageant's primary sponsor about her involvement in the event.

Mary Jones bio

Mary turned her childhood hobby into a way to support her family.

Mary Jones interview

The detectives talked to Barbara's friend about what she witnessed at the pageant.

Sam Tuttle bio

Sam is a self-made man with business savvy, a warm heart, and a quick temper.

Sam Tuttle interview

The detectives asked Barbara's former sponsor about his business relationship with her and the pageant.

Bob Niwachee bio

Bob is training for a management position at the YCCC.

Bob Niwachee interview

The detectives talked to the YCCC lounge bartender about the night of the gala.

Norm Resol bio

Norm hasn't always led the most upstanding life.

Norm Resol criminal history

YCSD investigators looked up Norm Resol's history of criminal activity in Mississippi.

Norm Resol interview

The detectives talked to the YCCC night custodian about the night Barbara was killed.

Frank Margold bio

Frank planned to be a photojournalist but found his niche in fashion photography.

Frank Margold interview

The detectives talked to one of the pageant judges about what he witnessed.

Private investigator's report

Thompson Investigations was hired to assess Wendy Kullman's potential risk to the pageant and festival.

Coroner's report

The coroner's office provided a preliminary report on Barbara Dubois's autopsy. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Wendy Kullman bio

Wendy has devoted her life to the protection of animals.

Wendy Kullman interview

The detectives questioned Wendy about her activities at the YCCC during the pageant.

Lucille Ruffin-Moore bio

Lucille Ruffin-Moore is committed to protecting William Faulkner's legacy

Lucille Ruffin-Moore interview

The detectives asked the retired professor about her presence at and feelings about the pageant.

Billie Jo Jones bio

Billie Jo was a friend of Barbara's and one of her biggest fans.

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