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Yvonne Boyd bio

Yvonne Oliver Boyd was born to Richard and Martha Oliver on September 6, 1979, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Richard worked for a large publisher in Louisiana and traveled extensively. Martha preferred to stay home, where she enjoyed keeping a beautiful house and entertaining friends.

Yvonne became the apple of her father's eye. When she was old enough, she accompanied her father on some of his trips. Martha hated traveling, so she was happy for Yvonne to take her place at Richard's side.

While in school, Yvonne was popular and well-liked. She was an avid reader, often reading several books at the same time. Yvonne tried her hand at writing, but after numerous failed attempts, she realized that becoming a professional author was not for her.

While traveling in Ireland with her father, she decided to attend the Shannon College of Hotel Management there. Yvonne felt that with all the travel experience she had, a career in hospitality would be the perfect one for her. She returned to the U.S. after her graduation and began searching for a job.

While attending a John Grisham book signing at the Square Books bookstore in Oxford, Yvonne met Taylor Boyd, a freelance journalist who had studied journalism at Ole Miss. The two were engaged after dating for nearly a year and married the following year.

Richard Oliver was pleased with Yvonne's choice for a husband. At family get-togethers, Richard and Taylor would wander away from the rest of the family and have long discussions about the book publishing business.

Yvonne began her career at the Yoknapatawpha County Convention Center (YCCC) as its Accommodation Manager. With hard work, dedication and determination, she was promoted to the position of Events Manager.

In the meantime, Taylor and Jared Plunk, a freelance journalist and Elvis Presley expert, formed a business partnership. Taylor became increasingly busy and was unable to spend as much time with Yvonne, and she and Jared had a brief affair.

After Jared terminated the business partnership, Yvonne confessed to Taylor about the affair. Taylor forgave Yvonne, and the two agreed to work on their relationship by scheduling regular date nights.

Taylor has spent most of the last two years abroad, covering multiple international news stories. He returns home occasionally to visit Yvonne.

These days, Yvonne is focused on her work and keeps to herself in her off-hours.



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