Rachel Webb interview

The detectives asked Rachel about her relationship with Barbara and what she witnessed.

Rachel Webb platform

What cause is Rachel Webb passionate about?

Rachel Webb bio

Rachel has lived under her mother's thumb for her entire life.

Erma Webb interview

The detectives spoke to Erma about her relationships with the other pageant finalists.

Erma Webb bio

Erma has been a forceful personality since childhood.

Ingrid Freeman interview

The detectives asked Ingrid about her relationship with Barbara and her activities the night Barbara died.

Ingrid Freeman platform

What cause is Ingrid Freeman passionate about?

Ingrid Freeman bio

Ingrid was raised to be a fierce competitor and fight for what she wanted.

Victim's hotel room phone records

YCSD investigators obtained the phone records from Barbara's YCCC hotel room during the pageant.

Places of Interest map

Investigators mapped Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the Dubois homicide investigation.

Billie Jo Jones interview

The detectives spoke to seven-year-old Billie Jo about the night Barbara died.

Billie Jo Jones bio

Billie Jo was a friend of Barbara's and one of her biggest fans.

New Info for Detectives

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