Crime Scene features fictional crime cases in a unique combination of interactive fiction and gaming.

Each week, Yoknapatawpha County detectives post evidence from the current case.

You are invited to participate in the investigation by reviewing the presented evidence and offering your theories and questions to the detectives and other web sleuths.

What's the difference between paid and free participation?




View case evidence Yes Yes Yes
Participate in discussion with other web sleuths   Yes Yes
Comment on case documents   Yes Yes
Receive weekly Case Newsletter by email   Yes Yes
Access case evidence as soon as it's available     Yes
Ask questions and get answers from our investigators     Yes
View solutions to previous cases     Yes

How do I become a Case Detective?

You may become a Case Detective at any time during an investigation by clicking Subscribe in the top right corner of any page. We accept credit cards and PayPal.

Get instant access to subscriber-only features and content when you pay online with our secure server.

If you feel the hours of entertainment you receive from the Crime Scene are not worth the money you paid, we will refund your money. Details here.

You can also become a Case Detective for free with Case Credits

1. Register for a free Crime Scene account to become a Case Officer.

2. Get to work investigating the case and earn Case Credits at the same time.

There are lots of ways to get Case Credits including reading case documents, posting in the comments and the forums, and customizing your Crime Scene profile.

3. When you've collected 400 Case Credits, redeem them for one month as a Case Detective.

The more you examine the evidence, the more Case Credits you earn.

How does Crime Scene work?

To participate, examine the case evidence. New information is posted every weekday at Noon Central Time.

Case documents for the current investigation* are presented in reverse chronological order so you can see the most recent information first.
* For previous cases, the case documents are in chronological order so you can start at the beginning.

  • Click the Day tags at the top of the Case Files page to filter case documents by the day they happened in the investigation.
  • Click the Evidence, Interview, Biography, or Press tag at the top of the Case Files page to filter by document type.

Some of the items you'll see include witness interviews, forensic analysis reports, and evidence photos.

Use the comments to communicate with your fellow web sleuths. Pose your questions, view others' theories, and share your thoughts about the case.

Do you have a theory about how or why the crime was committed? Who should be the prime suspect? What clues should the detectives follow next and what evidence do they need to gather?

Crime Scene investigations are propelled by input from the viewers, so everyone's contribution is helpful.

To discuss theories with other Crime Scene participants, you must register as a Case Officer (Free Subscription) or a Case Detective (Paid Subscription). Once you've signed up, you can comment on case documents and collaborate with your fellow web sleuths.

In addition, Case Detectives can interact directly with our investigators in the Ask the Detective area, available exclusively to paid subscribers.

Crime Scene is a community of web sleuths who enjoy sharing ideas and theories. Everyone wins the Crime Scene as the participants work together to refine theories and narrow down clues to ultimately reveal the culprit.

If you have questions about a case, post in the forums or the comments of the case document you're wondering about.

If you need help using the site or with your subscription or registration, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Where is this Yoknapatawpha County?

Yoknapatawpha County was created and immortalized by the legendary William Faulkner. The fictional county includes Faulkner's own hometown of Oxford, Mississippi and surrounding areas.


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