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New Information for Detectives

Rachel Webb platform

What cause is Rachel Webb passionate about?

Rachel Webb interview

The detectives asked Rachel about her relationship with Barbara and what she witnessed.

Rachel Webb bio

Rachel has lived under her mother's thumb for her entire life.

Erma Webb interview

The detectives spoke to Erma about her relationships with the other pageant finalists.

Erma Webb bio

Erma has been a forceful personality since childhood.

Ingrid Freeman platform

What cause is Ingrid Freeman passionate about?

Ingrid Freeman interview

The detectives asked Ingrid about her relationship with Barbara and her activities the night Barbara died.

Ingrid Freeman bio

Ingrid was raised to be a fierce competitor and fight for what she wanted.

New Information for Officers

Lucille Ruffin-Moore interview

The detectives asked the retired professor about her presence at and feelings about the pageant.

Lucille Ruffin-Moore bio

Lucille Ruffin-Moore is committed to protecting William Faulkner's legacy

Wendy Kullman interview

The detectives questioned Wendy about her activities at the YCCC during the pageant.

Wendy Kullman bio

Wendy has devoted her life to the protection of animals.

Coroner's report

The coroner's office provided a preliminary report on Barbara Dubois's autopsy. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Private investigator's report

Thompson Investigations was hired to assess Wendy Kullman's potential risk to the pageant and festival.

Frank Margold interview

The detectives talked to one of the pageant judges about what he witnessed.

Frank Margold bio

Frank planned to be a photojournalist but found his niche in fashion photography.

New Info for Detectives

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