Moran neighbor canvass

On Thursday, October 31, 2019, YCSD investigators spoke with residents on and around Muirfield Drive to find out if any of the Morans' neighbors saw or heard anything unusual the previous day.

The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.


Delia Ingraham
803 Muirfield Drive, Oxford, MS

Ingraham, 33, and her family live next door to the Morans, east on Muirfield Drive.

Ingraham described the Morans as "good neighbors and nice people." She said she got acquainted with Kelly Moran after Moran's accident when Ingraham brought over a casserole and offered to help during Moran's recovery period at home. Ingraham said she was glad to see Moran had such a strong support network with friends dropping by regularly.

Ingraham said the Morans seem to maintain an active social life, both entertaining at home and going out, but Ingraham said she and her husband have young children and spend most of their free time at home with them.

When asked if she had witnessed anything unusual anywhere in the neighborhood, Ingraham said she couldn't think of anything. Ingraham said she spends most of her time with her children and their activities and doesn't often pay attention to what her neighbors are doing.


Mabel James
792 Muirfield Drive, Oxford, MS

James, 61, and her husband live across Muirfield Drive from the Morans.

James said she and her husband know the Morans but that they "don't run in the same circles."

James said there has been a lot more traffic on the street since the Morans moved in because they have so many visitors in and out all the time. James said she frequently saw people come by during the day and in the evenings.

She added that the Morans hosted a lot of gatherings at their home, and their guests "park all up and down the street," which James described as a "safety hazard."

James said she tried to speak to Kelly Moran about the traffic issues on multiple occasions, but Moran did not share her concerns. "She told me to have a glass of wine and lighten up," James said.

When asked if she had witnessed anything unusual anywhere in the neighborhood, James said she'd "had to get used to 'unusual' since the Morans moved in," so she wouldn't know.


Stefani Marlowe
875 Birkdale Court, Oxford, MS

Marlowe, 48, and her family live on a side street northeast of the Morans.

Marlowe said she was acquainted with the Morans from the neighborhood but did not know them well.

When asked if she had witnessed anything unusual anywhere in the neighborhood, Marlowe said she had seen a car parked on Muirfield Drive not far from the Moran residence a few times in recent weeks. She said the first time she saw it, she didn't think anything of it, but when she saw it again, it made her suspicious as on-street parking is generally not condoned in the neighborhood.

When asked to describe the vehicle, Marlowe said she doesn't know much about cars, and all she could say was the vehicle was a dark-colored sedan that looked "older." She could not specify a make or model.

When asked if she saw anyone inside the vehicle, she said the driver was a slender, middle-aged man with dark hair who looked "sketchy." Marlowe could not specify what about the man made him appear "sketchy" to her. She said he was alone in the vehicle as far as she knew.

Marlowe said she saw the vehicle for the third and last time a day or two before Kelly Moran's death when she was driving into the neighborhood. Instead of proceeding on to her residence, she pulled up alongside the vehicle and slowed down. She said when the man saw her stopping next to his vehicle, he quickly drove away.

Marlowe said she had not seen that vehicle in the neighborhood since that occasion.



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