Four socialites in evening wear

What happened?

Investigation Day 1

The sheriff's department was called to a Muirfield Drive residence on Wednesday night, October 30, 2019, when a man arriving home from work found his wife dead in their living room.

After the detectives inspected the scene, they sat down with the victim's husband to talk to him about his discovery.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, once Detectives Armstrong and Murphy had learned a bit more about the victim, they joined other sheriff's department investigators in talking to all of the Morans' neighbors.

Meanwhile, the Oxford Weekly Planet broke the news of Kelly's untimely death.

Just after lunch, the crime lab sent over a preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the scene.

Then the detectives were approached by a familiar face who claimed to have information about Kelly Moran.

Later, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with Kelly's pharmacist, who was also her good friend, to learn more about some medications found in the Moran home.

Then they talked to another of Kelly's friends, but she was in no condition to answer their questions.

Their next conversation with one of Kelly's friends was more productive.

At the end of the day, the Oxford Weekly Planet updated the community on the investigation while their gossip column got a scoop of their own.

Investigation Day 3

In the morning, the detectives caught up with the other member of Kelly's inner circle and found out more about some of Kelly's recent concerns.

Then they spoke to Lorraine's husband to find out what he knew about Kelly and her relationships.

Nicolette's husband came in next to talk to the detectives about Kelly.

Karen's husband seemed to have little interest in the lives of his wife and her friends.

Trish's husband claimed he kept his distance from Kelly after a previous run-in with her.

After talking to all the other husbands, the detectives heard from the recently-widowed one when Russell sent over a list of items missing from his house.

A short time later, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy also got a copy of Zina's list of vehicles that she saw near the Moran residence.

Investigation Day 4

The Oxford Weekly Planet published a new post from The Face in the Mirror raising some interesting questions about the investigation into Kelly's murder.

Meanwhile, the detectives reviewed the recent activity from Kelly's iPhone and the other cell phone found in the Moran's sofa.

Then, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with a C.I. to find out if he'd heard anything about Kelly's murder.

Later that afternoon, the coroner's office sent over a preliminary report on Kelly's autopsy with the caveat that some analysis was not yet complete.

A few minutes later, a person who lives near the Moran residence sent over some home security video from the night Kelly was murdered.

Investigation Day 5

The detectives started the morning by reviewing the relative locations of places connected to the investigation and what vehicles are registered to persons of interest.

While the Oxford Weekly Planet put out the sheriff's department's call for help, the detectives examined some preliminary forensics reports, starting with the analysis of the crime scene evidence and then the fingerprint identifications to date.

A little later, they met with Russell again to see if he could fill in some gaps in their information about Kelly.

Then they had another talk with Karen, hoping she could be more helpful than she was in their first conversation.

When they spoke to Trish again, she had some interesting insights to share about how the ladies spent their time together.

Of course, the detectives were interested in what Lorraine had to say about all of this.

Nicolette was reluctant at first, but eventually, she shared her take on Trish's claims.

That evening, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with David again to get his input on some questions in the investigation that could also be related to his profession.

Investigation Day 6

The next day, the detectives caught up with Kenny again to see if he might know anything about persons of interest in Kelly's murder.

Then, after they went over everyone's alibi for the time of Kelly's murder, they visited the judge to get some search warrants.

Investigation Days 7, 8 & 9

Over the next several days, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy executed the search warrants, finding a few surprises as they collected evidence.

Investigation Day 10

After the searches, the Crime Lab was able to identify more of the fingerprints found at the Moran residence.

Once the detectives looked at the Crime Lab's findings on the evidence collected in the searches, they knew who they wanted to talk to next.

Investigation Day 11

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy settled on their strategy and then sat down with the first suspect to discuss the evidence implicating them in Kelly's murder.

While the first suspect took some time to think, the detectives talked to a second suspect about the evidence that connected them to the murder.

Then they returned to Suspect #1 to see if they were ready to be more forthcoming.

That person seemed to need more time, so the detectives checked in with the second suspect to find out if they were ready to tell the truth.

Then they went back to Suspect #1 again to see if they were prepared to come clean.

After that conversation, the detectives gave the second suspect another chance to set the record straight.

Investigation Day 12

The next day, the Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat updated the community on the unanticipated conclusion of the Kelly Moran death investigation.