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Friday, November 15, 2019


The detectives went back to Karen West to see if she was ready to be more forthcoming about her relationship with Kenny and other questions.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Karen West

Detective Murphy: How are you doing in here, Mrs. West?

Karen West: I feel sick. I want to leave.

Detective Murphy: Do you need a doctor? We can have one here in just a few minutes.

Karen West: I'd rather just go home.

Detective Murphy: I understand. We just have a few more questions for you first.

Karen West: Should I call my lawyer?

Detective Murphy: That's entirely up to you, Mrs. West. Detective Armstrong and I would be more than happy to wait for your lawyer to arrive. Of course, that will probably mean you'll be here even longer, but it's your call.

Karen West: Never mind. Let's just get this over with, so I can go home.

Detective Murphy: Are you sure?

Karen West: Yes. I don't know anything else anyway.

Detective Armstrong: Anything else?

Karen West: Right.

Detective Armstrong: Anything else other than what?

Karen West: Other than what I've already told you.

Detective Armstrong: But you haven't really told us anything.

Karen West: Yes, I have!

Detective Armstrong: Are you ready to talk about Kenny?

Karen West: I don't—I've already told you I don't know who that is. Maybe I should call my—

Detective Murphy: I know it might be a little fuzzy, Mrs. West, but do you remember the first time you came in here to talk to us?

Karen West: Yes. Sort of.

Detective Murphy: So you remember talking to us about Kenny that day?

Karen West: No, I…

Detective Murphy: You brought him up, named him as the person who gave you the medication you'd taken that day.

Karen West: I didn't— I don't remember that. Are you sure?

Detective Armstrong: See, Karen, this is why we don't believe you. Everyone in this room knows who Kenny is and what your relationship with him is. You do, and we do. So when you lie about that, it makes us think you're lying about other things too.

Karen West: I don't want to get in trouble.

Detective Armstrong: We're way past that now. The best you can hope for is that you can minimize the amount of trouble you're already in.

Karen West: I didn't kill Kelly!

Detective Armstrong: The same way you don't know Kenny?

Karen West: Okay, yes. I know Kenny. And maybe sometimes he gets me pills, and maybe that's technically not entirely legal, but—

Detective Armstrong: Maybe?

Detective Murphy: How did you meet Kenny?

Karen West: I don't know. Around town, I guess.

Detective Murphy: Why didn't you just get the pills from Kelly?

Karen West: Because she…

Detective Murphy: Because she what?

Karen West: She wouldn't…

Detective Murphy: She wouldn't… sell them to you anymore?

Karen West: No.

Detective Armstrong: Did that make you mad?

Karen West: What do you think?

Detective Armstrong: How mad?

Karen West: Not mad enough to kill anyone, especially not Kelly. I loved her like a sister. Maybe we had a… minor disagreement, but I could never be that upset with her.

Detective Armstrong: Even if you were really desperate to get some of those pills?

Karen West: What kind of person do you think I am?

Detective Armstrong: That's exactly what we're trying to find out.

Detective Murphy: I think this is a good time for a break. Things are getting a little heated in here. Mrs. West, can we get you a water or a cup of coffee or something?

Karen West: I'd rather get those things at home.

Detective Murphy: I understand, but we need you to bear with us a little longer. In the meantime, can we get you something?

Karen West: I guess some water would be nice.

Detective Murphy: Fine. We'll be back in a few minutes.



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