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Trish Lee bio

Patricia Henderson was born in Oxford, Mississippi, to Brian and Alicia Henderson on August 3, 1977.

She was the oldest of three children, followed one year later by a brother, Jason, and two years later by a sister, Colleen. Brian worked as an accountant for a small manufacturing business, and Alicia took five years off from her bank teller job to raise the children. The couple divorced in 1993.

When Patricia started third grade, she discovered that a Patricia Johnson had moved to town during the summer. The new girl not only proved more popular with classmates, but she also charmed their teachers. Patricia countered by declaring that from then on, she would only answer to Trish.

The change in name brought a change in behavior. Having discovered she wouldn't always be the first-born favorite, Trish learned to forge relationships with whoever had the spotlight or could get her what she needed. She did well in school not because she was gifted or put in the extra time but because she befriended the smart kids, and she lived well because she befriended the rich kids.

After graduating from college with a degree in sociology, Trish continued her practice of developing beneficial relationships in her first full-time job. She pursued the owner of the printing company, where she took in customer orders. They dated for two years before she moved in with him. Six years later, Warren Lee and Trish wed, honeymooning for a month in Mexico.

While the other employees at Oxford Printing said Trish doesn't treat them differently since she married the boss, the women admit she keeps an eye on them when they interact with Warren. There are remarkably few reports of resentment, perhaps because Trish knows how to work those relationships.

Neighbors regard the Lee marriage as happy based on the way they've seen the Lees interact with each other and a lack of loud arguments. The couple has no children, but they do have two dogs and a cat.

Trish met Kelly Moran at a baby shower for Oxford Printing employee Marea Soakes, who went to school with Moran. Trish and Kelly became the life of the party and remained close friends until the time of Kelly's death.



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