Blonde woman in the Grove on gameday in Oxford

Nicolette Cuthbert interview

Thursday, October 31, 2019 – 6:26 p.m.

Nicolette Cuthbert is another of the women in Kelly Moran's circle of friends.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke with her at her residence.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Nicolette Cuthbert

Nicolette Cuthbert: You would like tea?

Detective Armstrong: Yes, please.

Detective Murphy: Yes, thank you, ma'am.

Nicolette Cuthbert: This time of day. Kelly and I, we always have tea. The last time I see her, we have tea.

Detective Armstrong: When was that?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Three days ago. Monday. Something happens, something terrible, you cannot tell what to do. So you do the same thing as before. You understand?

Detective Armstrong: Yes, ma'am.

Nicolette Cuthbert: The same thing. But, of course, it is not the same. Here is sugar and milk. I have no lemon. I am sorry. Kelly never…

Detective Armstrong: That's all right, ma'am.

Detective Murphy: We're sorry to bother you. We just have some questions. It will only take a few minutes.

Nicolette Cuthbert: Yes. Certainement. I am sorry.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. Just for the record, would you state your name?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Nicolette Cuthbert.

Detective Murphy: That's with two L's and two T's?

Nicolette Cuthbert: One L and two T's.

Detective Murphy: And where do you live, ma'am?

Nicolette Cuthbert: I live here. 106 Ole Miss Drive.

Detective Murphy: How did you know the murdered woman?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Please do not call her that.

Detective Armstrong: Mrs. Moran. How did you know Mrs. Moran?

Nicolette Cuthbert: We are friends. She is from someplace else. I am from someplace else. Here, we find each other. We find we are alike, des soeurs.

Detective Armstrong: Like sisters?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Yes, like sisters.

Detective Armstrong: How did she strike you on Monday? Did she seem happy or worried?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Oh. Myself, I come here from New York City. Everything is so alive there. Here it is quiet, like peace, like a cup of tea. I like it, but I think Kelly did not like it. Everything is too small. She was agité, someone who cannot be still.

Detective Murphy: Restless?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Yes, restless. Always she wants more. Sometimes I think she has found what she is looking for. She is at her ease.

Detective Armstrong: Like nothing's bothering her?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Yes, I think so. But then she is encore agité—not happy. I feel bad for her.

Detective Murphy: Is it possible she might have been having trouble with some other person?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Possible, I suppose.

Detective Murphy: Perhaps her husband?

Nicolette Cuthbert: No, not Russell. She loves him very much, and he loves her.

Detective Murphy: Did you ever hear Mrs. Moran speak about Mrs. West, for example?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Karen West? Yes, Kelly does not like how she looks. She says Karen has a mouth that is large. Myself, I do not think so. I think she is jolie.

Detective Murphy: Did she say any more?

Nicolette Cuthbert: She said Karen must put money in her mouth. This, I do not understand at all.

Detective Murphy: Do you know why she said that?

Nicolette Cuthbert: I do not know, but I think it is about money. It is always about the money, non?

Detective Murphy: Have you ever spoken with any of Mrs. Moran's other friends?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Of course. We are all friends. Kelly, Karen, Trish, Lorraine. We were going to travel to Charleston together, but this will not happen now, I think.

Detective Murphy: Did Mrs. Moran have any disagreements with any of them that you know of?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Everyone has disagreements. It is human nature, n'est-ce pas?

Detective Murphy: Any serious disagreements?

Nicolette Cuthbert: It was a burglar who did this terrible thing, was it not? Why should any petite querelle—pardon—quarrel interest you?

Detective Murphy: We have to consider all the possibilities.

Nicolette Cuthbert: This is not a possibility. You must find the voleur.

Detective Armstrong: Can you tell us where you were last night?

Nicolette Cuthbert: I was here. I listened to Debussy. I drank tea. My daughter, Julia, telephoned me from Bruges.

Detective Armstrong: Was your husband home with you?

Nicolette Cuthbert: My husband is a doctor.

Detective Armstrong: Yes…

Nicolette Cuthbert: He has many patients who need him.

Detective Armstrong: So he wasn't home with you?

Nicolette Cuthbert: He arrived while I spoke to our daughter, perhaps 8:00 p.m.

Detective Armstrong: That was pretty late in Bruges, wasn't it?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Perhaps it was earlier.

Detective Murphy: Is there anything else you can think of that might be helpful, ma'am?

Nicolette Cuthbert: I remember. She did say something once about Lorraine—I think it is very strange.

Detective Armstrong: What was that?

Nicolette Cuthbert: She says Lorraine want to sing to an osprey.

Detective Armstrong: A what?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Une grande osprey. This is a bird, yes? They eat the fish?

Detective Armstrong: Grand osprey?

Detective Murphy: Could she have said "opry"?

Nicolette Cuthbert: What is opry?

Detective Murphy: Well, opera, really.

Nicolette Cuthbert: Lorraine wants to sing the grand opera?

Detective Murphy: The Grand Ole Opry. It's a radio show, country music.

Nicolette Cuthbert: Vraiment? How curious.

Detective Murphy: Yes, ma'am.

Detective Armstrong: I don't think we need to trouble you any further right now. Thank you for talking to us and for the tea. We'll be in touch.

Interview ended – 6:59 p.m.



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