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David Estrada interview

Friday, November 1, 2019 – 11:21 a.m.

David Estrada is married to Lorraine Estrada, Kelly Moran's friend.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke with him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • David Estrada

Detective Murphy: Thank you for seeing us, sir.

David Estrada: Of course, of course, anything I can do to help.

Detective Armstrong: Could you please state your name and address?

David Estrada: Yes, I'm David Estrada. I live at 128 Leighton Road.

Detective Armstrong: And what was your relationship with Kelly Moran?

David Estrada: I didn't have a relationship with her. She was friends with my wife.

Detective Armstrong: You didn't know her?

David Estrada: I knew her to say hello to. I guess we had dinner a couple of times, the four of us. Went to the movies, maybe.

Detective Armstrong: The four of you?

David Estrada: Yes, Lorraine, my wife, and Kelly and her husband, Russell. But it was mostly Lorraine and Kelly. They were thick as thieves. Spent their evenings down at the Blind Pig doing that tapioca thing.

Detective Murphy: Karaoke?

David Estrada: Yeah, karaoke. Lorraine always thought of herself as a singer.

Detective Murphy: And is she?

David Estrada: She's all right. She's no Shania Twain.

Detective Murphy: What was your opinion of Mrs. Moran?

David Estrada: To tell you the truth, she wasn't all that much better.

Detective Murphy: What was your opinion aside from singing?

David Estrada: I don't follow.

Detective Murphy: Did you like her? Did you think she was a good person?

David Estrada: She was okay. Like I said, she was really my wife's friend.

Detective Murphy: When was the last time you saw her?

David Estrada: A week or so ago. I said hello to her on the street.

Detective Murphy: How did she seem?

David Estrada: Okay, I guess. Kelly could be a little spacey sometimes.

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Estrada, what do you do for a living?

David Estrada: I'm a counselor. I help people with chemical dependencies.

Detective Armstrong: I'm wondering if your professional training had ever led you to suspect that Mrs. Moran might have had some sort of problem.

Detective Murphy: Mr. Estrada?

Detective Armstrong: A problem with pain meds?

David Estrada: I couldn't say with any certainty—

Detective Armstrong: But?

David Estrada: Well, some of her behaviors fit the profile. She seemed moody. She was vague sometimes, forgetful, forgetful of herself.

Detective Armstrong: Meaning?

David Estrada: She'd come out sometimes with her hair unbrushed. Her clothing wasn't always clean. Often she looked like she was sick, you know, runny nose and such.

Detective Armstrong: Anything else?

David Estrada: It's just my opinion, but she seemed to spend a lot of time in doctors' offices. Middle-class addicts will go from doctor to doctor, trolling for prescriptions.

Detective Armstrong: Did you share your suspicions with anyone?

David Estrada: I mentioned it to Lorraine. I asked her if Kelly had ever tried to get anything from her. Lorraine wouldn't even discuss it. She said I was crazy, and maybe I was. I could've been completely wrong.

Detective Armstrong: Did anyone else notice this?

David Estrada: Not that I'm aware of.

Detective Armstrong: Not her husband?

David Estrada: Not that I could tell. So far as I know, she and Russell got along fine.

Detective Murphy: How did Mrs. Moran get along with other people? Did anyone give her a rough time?

David Estrada: I have heard about some sort of feud she was having with Ken Ross—

Detective Murphy: I know that name.

David Estrada: Yeah, he did some time up at Holly Springs, but he's out now.

Detective Armstrong: What kind of feud? Is he open for business again?

David Estrada: That's all I heard. I don't know any details. I can tell you several of my clients have had dealings with Mr. Ross recently. If you think drugs are involved in this, your next stop should be Kenny Ross.

Detective Murphy: One last thing, sir. Where were you on the night Mrs. Moran was killed?

David Estrada: Yeah, I thought it was about time for that question. I was at a conference at the university. Cocktails after the sessions until about 9:30. I was wiped out. I went straight home and went to bed. I have a separate bedroom from my wife. She insists that I snore, and it's less trouble to do that than it is to argue with her. So, after about 9:30, I've got no alibi. Do I need one?

Detective Murphy: Everybody needs one, Mr. Estrada. They're handy things to have. Your wife can't confirm what time you got home?

David Estrada: No, she was still at work.

Detective Murphy: What time did she get home?

David Estrada: I don't know. I must've been asleep already.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know of anyone who might've wanted to harm Mrs. Moran?

David Estrada: No, but like I said, I didn't really know her that well.

Detective Armstrong: All right. Thanks for your time. We'll be in touch if we need anything else.

Interview ended – 11:45 a.m.



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