George O'Connor interview

The detectives asked George to describe how he discovered his wife's body.

Incident report

A man told 911 he and his stepdaughter had found his wife's body in their home.

Note found at incident scene

A note was found on the table next to the bed where the body lay.

George O'Connor bio

Native Oxonian George O'Connor has been married to Veronica Smith for nearly six years.

Woman found dead at home

The Crime Beat reports … YCSD calls local doctor's death "suspicious."

Veronica Smith bio

Medical doctor Veronica Smith lived in Oxford with her husband and 10-year-old daughter.

Haley Smith bio

Haley has been raised primarily by her mother, Veronica, and later her stepfather, George O'Connor.

Haley Smith interview

The detectives talked with Veronica's daughter the morning after Veronica died.

Elizabeth Sherman bio

Elizabeth and her younger sister, Veronica, got along better as adults than they had as kids.

Elizabeth Sherman interview

The detectives spoke with Liz to learn more about her sister, Veronica.

Inventory – Smith scene

CSU provided a preliminary inventory of evidence collected from the Veronica Smith death scene.

Canvass – Smith/O'Connor neighbors

Investigators interviewed people living near the Smith/O'Connor home about the night Veronica died.

Alibi canvass – George O'Connor

Investigators spoke to George O’Connor’s friends and acquaintances to learn more about him.

Alibi canvass – Elizabeth Sherman

Investigators spoke to Elizabeth Sherman's friends and acquaintances to learn more about her.

Hilton Burns bio

Dr. Burns is a Yoknapatawpha Gastroenterology Center partner along with Drs. Mendoza and Smith.

Hilton Burns interview

The detectives interviewed Dr. Hilton Burns about his partner in the YGC, Dr. Smith.

James Mendoza bio

Dr. Mendoza is a Yoknapatawpha Gastroenterology Center partner along with Drs. Burns and Smith.

James Mendoza interview

The detectives interviewed Dr. Mendoza about his partner in the YGC, Dr. Smith.

Canvass – YGC employees

The detectives interviewed Veronica's co-workers to learn about her relationships and recent demeanor.

Canvass – Veronica Smith's friends

YCSD investigators talked to Veronica's friends and acquaintances to gather information about her.

Michael O'Connor bio

Some say Michael has never forgiven his brother, George, for marrying Veronica Smith.

Michael O'Connor interview

The detectives spoke with Michael O'Connor about his history with his sister-in-law.

Veronica Smith's cell phone records

YCSD investigators obtained Veronica’s cell phone usage details for the days before her death.

Places of Interest

Investigators compiled a map showing Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the investigation.

Will Sands bio

Will has been a popular bartender at The Roadhouse for years.

Will Sands interview

Will tends bar at The Roadhouse, where Veronica had drinks with friends the night she died.

Alibi canvass – Hilton Burns

Investigators talked to acquaintances and co-workers to learn more about Dr. Burns.

Alibi canvass – James Mendoza

Investigators spoke to Dr. Mendoza's wife and some hospital personnel to learn more about him.

Alibi canvass – Michael O'Connor

Investigators talked to acquaintances and co-workers to learn more about Michael O'Connor.

Cassandra Summers interview

Attorney Cassandra Summers represented Veronica in the malpractice suit filed by Kenneth Lemmons.

Wallace Smith bio

Wallace has been divorced for nearly ten years and now lives in New York.

Wallace Smith interview

The detectives talked to Veronica's ex-husband via video chat from his New York home office.

Canvass – hospital employees

Investigators talked to hospital employees to learn more about Veronica Smith's relationships there.

Felicia McGraw interview

Detectives met Dr. McGraw while canvassing hospital employees and took her aside for a private conversation.

Dwight Kramer bio

A native Oxonian, Dwight Kramer is an assistant administrator at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Dwight Kramer interview

Dwight Kramer is an assistant administrator at the hospital where Dr. Smith sometimes performed procedures.

Ruthie Foreman bio

Ruthie was born and raised in Oxford. She now works at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Ruthie Foreman interview

After talking to other witnesses, the detectives asked Ruthie to come in for a conversation.

Alibi canvass – Wallace Smith

Investigators canvassed Wallace Smith's neighbors about his activities the night Veronica Smith died.

Harassing text messages

Investigators examined Veronica's cell phone to identify the harassing texts she'd received before her death.

Alibi canvass – Ruthie Foreman

YCSD investigators spoke with Ruthie's co-workers about her activities the night Veronica died.

Re-Canvass – Smith/O'Connor neighbors

Investigators again asked the Smith/O'Connor neighbors if they'd witnessed anything unusual recently.

Richard Hayes interview

Richard Hayes represents Kenneth Lemmons in his malpractice suit against Veronica Smith and others.

Incident report – tire slashing

Veronica called 911 on December 19, 2022, to report her car had been vandalized.

Kenneth Lemmons bio

Kenneth grew up in nearby Batesville and moved to Oxford after he met his wife.

Kenneth Lemmons interview

The detectives asked Kenneth about his lawsuit against Dr. Smith, her practice, and the hospital.

Danielle Lemmons obituary

Investigators obtained a copy of the obituary for Danielle Lemmons from the local newspaper.

Angela Kramer interview

Detectives spoke to Dwight Kramer's wife about her husband's activities the evening Veronica died.

Billy Lee interview

The detectives interviewed the owner of Billee's Auto Service about the repairs to Veronica's tires.

Alibi canvass – Kenneth Lemmons

YCSD investigators asked Malco theater employees if they saw Kenneth Lemmons the night Veronica died.

Preliminary forensics

The crime lab summarized their preliminary findings in the Veronica Smith investigation.

Text message location map

YCSD investigators tracked the locations where the harassing text messages were sent to Veronica Smith.

Inventory #2 – Smith scene

CSU examined the exterior of the Smith/O'Connor residence for additional evidence.

Coroner's Summary Report

The Yoknapatawpha County Coroner submitted a summary report on the autopsy of Veronica Smith.

Det. Jason Huckabee interview

Given the coroner's findings, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy consulted a fellow detective for specialized information.

Michael O'Connor interview #2

After talking to Det. Huckabee, the detectives asked Michael O'Connor about the hospital's pharmaceutical inventory.

George O'Connor interview #2

The detectives asked Veronica's husband to clarify some things they've learned during the investigation.

Prepaid cell phone info

Investigators got purchase info and usage details for the phone that sent the harassing messages.

Billy Lee interview #2

The detectives asked why Billy wasn't entirely forthcoming about his connection to Veronica.

Canvass – Billee's Auto Service

While the detectives were interviewing Billy Lee, other YCSD investigators talked to his employees.

Dwight Kramer interview #2

The detectives asked Dwight about the hospital's possible involvement in the unexpected autopsy finding.

Richard Hayes interview #2

Detectives planned to speak to Kenneth Lemmons again but ended up with his attorney instead.

Search – Michael O'Connor

Dr. O'Connor was not home when investigators arrived to execute the search warrant.

Search – Billy Lee

The detectives simultaneously executed search warrants at Billy Lee's residence and Billee's Auto Service.

Search – Dwight Kramer

Mrs. Kramer was at home when the detectives executed the search warrant.

Report from YCSD Patrol

The detectives asked Patrol to drive by a residence a few times per shift.

Search – Kenneth Lemmons

Mr. Lemmons was not home at the time the detectives executed the search warrant.

Teens arrested

The Crime Beat reports: teen arrested for ketamine possession and other offenses

Search – George O'Connor

Mr. O'Connor and his stepdaughter were not home at the time of the search.

Alibi summaries

YCSD investigators summarized the alibi confirmation status for several persons of interest.

Veronica Smith timeline

YCSD investigators compiled a timeline of Veronica Smith's activities on the day she died.

Search – Ruthie Foreman

Ms. Foreman was not home when the detectives executed the search warrant.

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