Harassing text messages

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Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.: 000153-06A-2023
Case Description: Veronica Smith death investigation

YCSD investigators recovered text messages from Veronica Smith's cell phone, identified as 662‑801‑XXXX.

The messages excerpted below have been identified as the harassing texts that witnesses said Dr. Smith received prior to her January 6, 2023, death.

The messages were sent from a prepaid cell phone.


12/13/2022 09:35 AM 662587XXXX  Received 1 You know what you did, you bitch.
12/16/2022 01:01 PM 662587XXXX Received 1 You haven't learned anything. But you will. Payback is coming.
12/19/2022 06:40 PM 662587XXXX Received 1 Too bad about your car. Maybe you should of gone straight home.
12/19/2022 06:52 PM 662587XXXX Received 2 Want me to tell you who did it?

You don't deserve to know. As far as you know, it's just the start of the payback.
12/20/2022 02:36 PM 662587XXXX Received 1 That was an expensive lesson. Did you learn anything yet?
12/22/2022 11:14 AM 662587XXXX Received 1 How can you act like that after what you did? What would George say? What would Haley think? You think they won't find out?
12/25/2022 09:48 AM 662587XXXX Received 1 Nice holiday? You know you didn't deserve it. How do you live with yourself?
12/28/2022 07:35 PM 662587XXXX Received 1 Out drinking alone again? Don't drink and drive. Someone might call the cops.
12/29/2022 08:15 AM 662587XXXX Received 1 Who are you trying to fool? Everyone can see what a stupid, lazy bitch you are.
12/30/2022 09:01 AM 662587XXXX Received 1 Late for work today. Did you screw up again? Or are you just too lazy and stupid to be on time?
12/30/2022 08:32 PM 662587XXXX Received 3 Out with your friends again. If they knew what you did, you wouldn't have any friends.

You should be spending time with your family while you still can.

But maybe it's better if they start getting used to being without you.
12/31/2022 07:24 PM 662587XXXX Received 1 How dare you? You think people don't know? You think I don't know?
01/02/2023 05:50 AM 662587XXXX Received 3 Wake up, you stupid cow. Don't want to be late for work. Again.

The coffee's brewing, but you haven't gone downstairs yet. You know you need that first cup before you can talk to anyone. George will be up soon.

Don't ignore me. You don't want me to come in there and get you out of bed myself.
01/02/2023 09:30 PM 662587XXXX Received 3 Go ahead. Have another drink. You know you want to.

You know how to make all this stop. Even someone as stupid as you can figure it out.

It would be the best thing for everyone. Why should everyone else suffer because you're too stupid and selfish to do the right thing?
01/04/2023 10:10 AM 662587XXXX Received 1 You will suffer for your sins.
01/04/2023 09:12 PM 662587XXXX Received 1 Soon, very soon
01/05/2023 03:25 PM 662587XXXX Received 1 You're going to hell. And it'll still be better than you deserve.



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