Elise Ebner interview

The detectives asked Elise for more information about Brandon, and his friend, Daniel.

Joe Ebner interview

The detectives asked Joe about his son, Brandon, and his friend, Daniel.

Lila Lawson interview

The detectives spoke to Brandon's employer about his and Daniel's interactions at the gallery.

Vehicle evidence

CSU provided a preliminary inventory of evidence collected from Daniel's car.

Gage Laughlin interview

The detectives asked Gage about his interactions with Daniel and his activities in early January.

JoAnna Laughlin interview

The detectives asked JoAnna about her family's whereabouts in early January.

Claire Rivas interview

The detectives asked Claire more about what went on at the New Year's Eve party.

Claire Rivas bio

Despite rumors about her and her friends, Claire is focused on the future.

Keanu May interview

The detectives talked to the host of the New Year's Eve party about that night.

Keanu May bio

Rumors about his family have plagued Keanu since his early teens.

Alibi check – Floyd

Investigators conducted interviews in an attempt to corroborate Axyl Floyd's alibi.

Alibi check – McCarthy

Investigators conducted interviews and examined records in an attempt to corroborate Kristina McCarthy's alibi.

Axyl Floyd interview #2

The detectives asked Alyx to come in to answer some more questions.

Collier bank statement

Investigators reviewed recent financial records for Daniel Collier.

Detective Guidry follow-up

Det. Guidry sent the YCSD detectives some information they'd requested.

NYPD interview

Detective Magee spoke to a contact in the NYPD about Daniel's whereabouts.

Laughlin customer invoice

A Laughlin employee pulled an invoice of interest to the investigators.

Canvass – Laughlin employees

YCSD investigators spoke to the Laughlin employees about their former coworker, Daniel.

Chas Laughlin interview

Detectives Beckwith and Magee went to see Daniel's former employer.

Chas Laughlin bio

Chas has spent a lifetime living by his own rules.

Detectives' conference

Detective Beckwith met with another detective currently investigating a person of interest in the inquiry.

Brandon Ebner interview #3

The detectives wanted to know what Brandon had to say about some newly uncovered information.

Rodney Collier interview #2

The detectives asked Rodney to come in for some follow-up questions.

Sharon Hathaway interview #2

After talking to Vince, the detectives wanted to get Sharon's recollections.

Vincent Gayle interview #2

After they got back from Memphis, the detectives looked to Vince for some answers.

Det. Guidry interview

A Shelby County (TN) Sheriff's Detective contacted the YCSD about the BOLO.

Rodney Collier interview

Rodney contacted the sheriff's department with information about Daniel.

Rodney Collier bio

Rodney went to college out of state and didn't return until his brother's funeral.

Getting back the past

What parts of the past are people telling The Face in the Mirror they want back?

Brandon Ebner interview #2

The detectives asked Brandon to come in to answer some more questions.

Axyl Floyd interview

The detectives talked to a man reportedly angry at Daniel after a deal gone wrong.

Axyl Floyd bio

A teacher helped Axyl use music to channel his feelings into something non-destructive.

Canvass – NYE partygoers

Investigators spoke to the people who attended the New Year's Eve party with Daniel.

Canvass – YHS Art Club

Investigators talked to current and former art club members about Daniel.

Sharon Hathaway interview

The detectives talked to Vince's live-in girlfriend about Daniel.

Sharon Hathaway bio

Sharon was working as a waitress when she met Vincent Gayle.

Kristina McCarthy interview

The detectives talked to Daniel's high school art teacher about his plans.

Kristina McCarthy bio

After growing up in Washington, Kristina moved to Mississippi for the man she later married.

Gus Whitwill interview

The detectives spoke to a teacher who knew Daniel when he was in high school.

Canvass – YHS faculty & staff

Investigators asked employees of Yoknapatawpha High School about Daniel.

BOLO – Daniel Collier

The detectives decided to issue a BOLO to see if they could locate Daniel.

Daniel Collier bio

Daniel struggled after his parents died but finally found a new path: pursuing his art.

Canvass – Gayle neighbors

Investigators spoke to other residents in Mr. Gayle's neighborhood.

Collier social media

Investigators reviewed Daniel Collier's Facebook posts.

Investigation board

Investigators reviewed an overview of the information the reporter collected.

Complaint refusal form

The homeowner filled out a form regarding the burglary incident at his residence.

Vincent Gayle interview

The detectives spoke with the owner of the home Brandon is accused of burglarizing.

Vincent Gayle bio

Vince overcame early setbacks and later provided a stable home for his orphaned godson.

Joanne Ebner interview

At Brandon's urging, the detectives went to see his sister, the reporter.

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