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Gage Laughlin interview

Friday, March 12, 2021 – 10:30 a.m.

Gage Laughlin is Chas and JoAnna Laughlin's son and an employee of Laughlin Automotive & Body Shop.

Detectives Magee and Beckwith interviewed him at the Yoknaaptawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective P. Beckwith
  • Detective J. Magee
  • Gage Laughlin

Detective Magee: Thank you for coming in, Gage. You can have a seat across from us there.

Gage Laughlin: I don't get why I hafta answer any more questions. I told y'all that I don't know where Dan is.

Detective Magee: We want to make sure our bases are covered. It won't take long, I promise you.

Gage Laughlin: Well, all right. I gotta get back to work eventually. Otherwise, I'll catch hell from Dad.

Detective Beckwith: Okay. Let's have your name and address for the record.

Gage Laughlin: Gage Laughlin. 310 North 16th Street, Oxford.

Detective Magee: You live with your parents?

Gage Laughlin: Yeah, what of it?

Detective Magee: I didn't mean anything by it.

Gage Laughlin: I've been kicked in the balls by life the last couple of months, okay? I already got Ma up in my craw about livin' off'n her teat again. I don't need another missus ragging on me about it.

Detective Beckwith: No one's ragging on you about anything. Let's go on. Tell us about the weekly employee boxing matches that take place at the shop.

Gage Laughlin: Aw, y'all have been talking to Rush, right? There ain't no boxing matches at the shop. Sometimes the boys here rassle a bit for fun, but that's it. Ain't none of them do it if they don't wanna. That ain't against the law.

Detective Magee: Not unless you're taking bets.

Gage Laughlin: Who said that? Nobody's takin' bets on nuthin'!

Detective Magee: What about Daniel? Did Daniel ever "rassle" anyone?

Gage Laughlin: Nah, he was a pansy-and-a-half. He'd never mess up those pretty-boy hands.

Detective Beckwith: Did you ever try to get Daniel to fight you?

Gage Laughlin: Like that'd be a fair fight. I would've snapped him like a twig.

Detective Beckwith: You didn't answer the question. Did you ever try to get Daniel to fight you?

Gage Laughlin: Maybe. Again, ain't none of this against the law. Like it matters anyway, I never laid a finger on the guy. Then he quit.

Detective Magee: Did Daniel threaten you?

Gage Laughlin: Ha! He's like a hundred pounds soaking wet.

Detective Magee: I mean, were you jealous of Daniel?

Gage Laughlin: Why? 'Cuz the sumbitch could paint? Remember that one dude on public TV a buncha years back that use to draw all those "happy little trees" and s***? Well, I thought his pictures were pretty good, but that didn't make me wanna grow out his 'fro and start paintin' if you know what I mean?

Detective Beckwith: If you weren't jealous, why pick a fight with him?

Gage Laughlin: 'Cuz I could. He ain't special. I'll go rounds with anybody. He was just a little pissant loser who didn't belong with the rest of us in the shop. But, look, I didn't touch the guy. He quit, and that's the last I saw him.

Detective Beckwith: Where were you on January 2nd?

Gage Laughlin: What day was that?

Detective Magee: Saturday.

Gage Laughlin: I was at the shop, then.

Detective Magee: What were you doing at the shop?

Gage Laughlin: Office stuff. I hafta do the inventory, books, you know, that sorta stuff.

Detective Beckwith: What about parts runs? Did you do any of those?

Gage Laughlin: Nah, we have the rookies do that. I just book 'em when they come in.

Detective Magee: Where do you get your parts from?

Gage Laughlin: Factory. Some from scrap from our boys up north.

Detective Magee: Who are your "boys up north"?

Gage Laughlin: I dunno. You have to ask Dad about that. I jus' mark the parts off when they bring 'em in.

Detective Beckwith: What about that Saturday night?

Gage Laughlin: The 2nd, you say?

Detective Beckwith: Yeah, Saturday.

Gage Laughlin: Well, you ain't probably goin' to believe this, but I went over to the house of this girl I'd been seein'. I was going to surprise her 'cuz it was her birthday and all. So I snuck into her place, and I hear all these sex noises comin' out her bedroom. So I'm thinkin', "all right!" 'cuz she's watching porn, right?

Detective Magee: But she wasn't.

Gage Laughlin: So I go in, there she is naked as a jaybird, bangin' the hell out of her brother-in-law. So I'm pissed, right? I yell at them, and they don't stop. They don't stop! You'd think they'd at least bother to see who the hell I was.

Detective Magee: So what did you do next?

Gage Laughlin: I left. I went home to Ma's. I drank like a 12-pack of beers in the garage.

Detective Beckwith: You just went home? You just told us you're a quick-to-fightin' type of guy. Why should we believe you caught your girlfriend cheating and you didn't bother to challenge them?

Gage Laughlin: I yelled at 'em. Besides that, yeah, I was pissed at the guy, but what am I gonna do, fight a naked guy? I ain't gonna fight no naked guy.

Detective Magee: Did anyone see that you went home?

Gage Laughlin: I told Ma what happened. I don't know why I did 'cuz she spent the next hour laughin' her ass off.

Detective Magee: How about the rest of that weekend and the next week?

Gage Laughlin: Working like usual. Punching the clock. Other than that, I was at home. It's all I could do. 

Detective Beckwith: What do you mean? 

Gage Laughlin: That no-account ex-girlfriend of mine maxed out my credit card on a mess o' stuff for Christmas presents. I got some of the charges removed, but I still had to pay for a lot of it—damn tramp.

Detective Magee: What does that have to do with you being at your parents' place?

Gage Laughlin: I ain't got no money! Ain't you following along?

Detective Magee: Just because you don't have any money doesn't stop you from going out.

Gage Laughlin: Yeah, but we get paid on the 15th, so I thought I'd wait 'til then.

Detective Beckwith: You could have asked your father for an advance?

Gage Laughlin: Ha! That's funny, right there. Y'all forget who my old man is? Any of us are lucky to get paid on the 15th, the stingy bastard. 

Detective Beckwith: But you're getting free room and board.

Gage Laughlin: Yeah, and I'm drinkin' all his beers too.

Detective Magee: So you're saying that you spent that whole weekend at your parents' place?

Gage Laughlin: If'n y'all don't believe me, you can ask my ma. She was on my ass about fixing something around the house … can't remember what it was. Obviously didn't get it fixed! Ha!

Detective Beckwith: What about your father? Was he around the house that week too?

Gage Laughlin: He never leaves the house on account of Ma. She is the only person that gets away with rippin' on him. He doesn't test her. She would make his life a livin' hell.

Detective Magee: You never really answered the question.

Gage Laughlin: He was home the whole time 'cept when he was at work. Ma lets him out to make money.

Detective Beckwith: All right, Gage, we're done here for now. You're free to go.

Gage Laughlin: 'Bout time.

Interview ended – 10:55 a.m.



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Ok, so what is the motive? Just to murder? Is this a serial murder type thing? On the second, where did they catch up with him? They have to have means and opportunity. So far the last person we knew to see Danny was Vincent, So why are we not...

Ok, so what is the motive? Just to murder? Is this a serial murder type thing? On the second, where did they catch up with him? They have to have means and opportunity. So far the last person we knew to see Danny was Vincent, So why are we not looking into it at all, instead we are looking into people who we hope to find something on because we don't like them and because they are thought to possibly be dirty, so if we can catch them here it will make every ones job easier. We have Brandon saying that Danny was steeling parts, but Danny said it was better he didn't know, so if we go this rout, what about the boys up north, but why wouldn't we do a better job of looking into Vincent also? Doesn't make sense. We have probable cause with out digging for it.

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  Lyn M Polentia
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