Arrest in Jennings homicide

The Crime Beat reports: Suspect taken into custody earlier today

Arrestee interview

The detectives gave the suspect in custody another opportunity to talk about Victor's murder.

Arrest Report

A suspect has been arrested in the Victor Jennings homicide investigation.

DNA Comparison

The crime lab provided preliminary findings of the DNA comparison of known and unknown blood samples.

Kyle Colby interview #2

The detectives wanted to see if Kyle had anything to add to his previous statement.

Blood ABO Typing

Blood samples collected at the crime scene and from suspects were submitted for ABO typing.

Carl Asher interview #3

The detectives asked Carl what he knew about some recent developments in the investigation.

Ray Jennings interview #3

The detectives asked Ray about some new information uncovered since their last conversation.

Search warrants

The detectives obtained search warrants for multiple persons of interest in the investigation.

Lee Merryweather interview #3

The detectives talked to Lee about some questions that came up after their last conversation.

Troy Daniels interview

After speaking with Barbara Daniels, the detectives asked Troy to come in for an interview.

Troy Daniels bio

Troy grew up in Illinois and moved to Oxford with her mother to attend Ole Miss.

Barbara Daniels interview

The detectives wanted to know why Babara's vehicle was at Victor's house the day he died.

Barbara Daniels bio

Barbara and Victor dated when they were in college.

John Raymond interview

Following up on a tip from Victor's attorney, the detectives located John for an interview.

John Raymond bio

John is a shrimper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who visits Oxford regularly for deliveries.

Gayle Jennings interview

The detectives asked Gayle about her relationship with her brother-in-law, Victor.

Gayle Jennings bio

Gayle grew up poor, longing for the nice things the other kids had.

Zina Jacinto follow-up interview

The detectives asked Zina for more information about the cars that visited Victor's house.

Registered vehicles

YCSD investigators located vehicle registration information for persons of interest in the Victor Jennings case.

Thomas Eldon interview #2

The detectives talked to Mr. Eldon again to check on the status of Victor's estate.

William Bolton interview #2

The detectives asked Victor's neighbor if he'd remembered anything more about Victor's activities.

Jennings death ruled a homicide

The Crime Beat comments: "New" info in the Victor Jennings investigation

Coroner's Report

Preliminary report on the autopsy of Victor Jennings. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Kyle Colby bio

Kyle is the opposite of his polished, younger sister, but the two are very close.

Kyle Colby interview

The detectives talked to Kyle about his reaction to what Victor allegedly did to Kristin.

Carl Asher interview #2

The detectives wanted Carl's response to new information since their last talk.

Ray Jennings interview #2

The detectives wanted to get Ray's thoughts on some new information about his brother's death.

Kristin Colby bio

Kristin dreams of being famous and has devoted herself to establishing a successful modeling career.

Kristin Colby interview

The detectives talked to Terri's roommate, Kristin, about her interactions with Victor.

License plates of Jennings visitors

Victor's neighbor Zina Jacinto provided a list of cars she saw the day he was killed.

Lee Merryweather interview #2

The detectives asked Lee more about Victor and the day she found his body.

Zina Jacinto interview

The detectives talked to Victor's neighbor across the street to learn more about his activities.

Zina Jacinto bio

After a difficult childhood, Zina became an eccentric neighborhood "cat lady" as an adult.

Terri Smith interview

The detectives asked Terri about her association with Victor.

Terri Smith bio

Terri and her roommate have both been pursuing modeling careers since high school.

Samantha Hawke interview

The detectives asked Samantha about her relationship with Victor in light of the alleged blackmail.

Samantha Hawke bio

Samantha grew up a stone's throw from Hollywood and always dreamed of becoming a star.

Michael Hawke bio

Born and raised in NYC, Michael moved to Hollywood, where he became a star.

Michael Hawke interview

The detectives met with Michael to find out more about his relationship with Victor.

Victor Jennings phone calls

Investigators obtained Victor Jennings' phone call activity for the days leading up to his death.

Hollywood comes to town

The Oxford Weekly Planet reports on a Hollywood power couple recently arrived in town.

Thomas Eldon interview

The detectives asked Victor's attorney about the civil and criminal legal matters Victor was facing.

Thomas Eldon bio

Thomas is an Oxford native, a Harvard graduate, and a prominent local attorney.

Margaret Jennings interview

The detectives talked to Victor's mother to find out more about him and his relationships.

Margaret Jennings bio

Margaret married her college sweetheart, and they divided responsibility for raising their two boys.

Brad Jennings bio

Victor's father is a lifelong Oxonian with a colorful if sometimes shady history.

Brad Jennings interview

The detectives spoke to Brad, who was one of the few people close to Victor.

Crime scene evidence

CSU submitted a preliminary inventory of evidence collected in the Victor Jennings death investigation.

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