Brad Jennings bio

Victor's father is a lifelong Oxonian with a colorful if sometimes shady history.

Brad Jennings interview

The detectives spoke to Brad, who was one of the few people close to Victor.

Crime scene evidence

CSU submitted a preliminary inventory of evidence collected in the Victor Jennings death investigation.

Literary agent found dead

The Crime Beat reports: Controversial book broker dead

William Bolton interview

The detectives talked to Victor's next door neighbor to find out more about him.

William Bolton bio

Land developer William Bolton lived next door to Victor Jennings.

Carl Asher interview

The detectives asked Victor's right-hand man to come in to talk about his boss.

Carl Asher bio

Carl was Victor's longtime friend and business associate.

Raymond Jennings interview

The detectives met with Victor's brother to learn more about him.

Raymond Jennings bio

As Victor's younger brother, Ray grew up in his shadow and under his thumb.

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