Man found dead in bloody mess in his own kitchen

What happened?

Investigation Day 1

Yoknapatawpha Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a man found dead in his home on Saturday evening.

Victor Jennings, the deceased, was well-known to the YCSD because he was on house arrest awaiting trial on extortion charges at the time of his death.

After they finished at the scene, Detectives Murphy and Parker went back to the station to talk to the woman who found the body.

Investigation Day 2

First thing the next morning, Victor's brother came in to talk with the detectives.

Then Detectives Murphy and Parker met with Victor's right-hand man to find out more about his boss.

A little while later, the detectives talked to Victor's next door neighbor to find out more about their relationship.

By midafternoon, the Oxford Weekly Planet had shared the news of Victor's death with the community, and soon after, CSU sent the detectives a preliminary inventory of evidence collected near the body.

Investigation Day 3

The next morning, Victor's parents came in to talk to the detectives. They met first with Victor's father, Brad. Then Detectives Murphy and Parker spoke to Victor's mother, Margaret.

Later, Victor's lawyer dropped by during his lunch break to talk to the detectives about his client.

That afternoon, the detectives read something in the Oxford Weekly Planet that prompted to reach out and schedule a couple of interviews for the next day.

Later on, the detectives got information about Victor's phone calls in the days leading up to his death.

Investigation Day 4

The station was buzzing as the people the detectives arranged to meet with came in for their interviews. First, Detectives Murphy and Parker sat down with Mr. Hollywood to get his take on Victor.

Then they talked to Mrs. Hollywood to find out what she had to say about Victor.

A little later, the detectives talked to another person Victor's lawyer mentioned to find out more about her association with Victor.

Then Detectives Murphy and Parker sat down with another of Victor's neighbors who reportedly keeps a close eye on all the activities on her street.

Victor's assistant came in later that afternoon for another conversation with the detectives.

Meanwhile, an officer went to see Victor's neighbor to get her list of visitors to Victor's house the day he died.

Investigation Day 5

In the morning, the detectives sat down with Terri's roommate to find out about her experiences with Victor.

After a phone call with the coroner's office, Detectives Murphy and Parker asked first Victor's brother and then his friend to come back in so the detectives could see what they thought about the news.

Later, the detectives met with a man who reportedly had threatened Victor.

At the end of the day, the coroner's report came in, and the OWP's Crime Beat had some thoughts.

Investigation Day 6

The next morning, Detectives Murphy and Parker met with Victor's attorney to find out the status of his estate.

Then they sat down again with Victor's next door neighbor to see if he'd remembered anything more about Victor's activities.

When they'd finished with Mr. Bolton, the detectives found that the information on vehicles registered to the persons of interest was available. After reviewing it, they decided to talk to Zina again.

After lunch, they had Victor's sister-in-law come in for a conversation about their relationship.

Then they met with a man who Victor's lawyer suggested has a connection with Victor's mother.

Investigation Day 7

Detective Murphy and Parker started the day with a conversation with another person from Victor's past.

Then they called in the other beneficiary of Victor's will before anyone had a chance to coordinate their stories.

The detectives spent the afternoon getting search warrants for multiple persons of interest.

Investigation Day 8

While they were waiting for the preliminary forensics on the search evidence, the detectives decided to have another chat with Victor's assistant.

They also brought Victor's brother in again to try to clear up a few things.

Investigation Day 9

The next day, Detectives Murphy and Parker spoke to Victor's researcher one more time as well as Kristin's brother.

Investigation Day 10

When the first report from the crime lab came in, the detectives were able to narrow down the suspects.

When the second report arrived, the detectives knew who the killer was.

Investigation Day 11

In the morning, they took that person into custody.

Soon after, they gave the person another chance to talk about what happened with Victor.

A few hours later, the sheriff's department released news of the arrest to the press.


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