The detectives asked Carl what he knew about some recent developments in the investigation

Carl Asher interview #3

Monday, March 18, 2019 – 10:00 a.m.

Carl Asher was Victor Jennings' friend and employee.

Detectives Murphy and Parker re-interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Carl Asher

Detective Parker: Have a seat, Mr. Asher, and please state for the record your name and address.

Carl Asher: What am I doing here again? Didn't you people get everything you could possibly need when you ransacked my place?

Detective Parker: Your place looked pretty well ransacked before we ever got there.

Carl Asher: It was the maid's day off.

Detective Murphy: Carl, just give us your name and address so we can get on with this.

Carl Asher: Carl Asher 122 Caroline Circle, Oxford.

Detective Parker: We've learned some interesting facts since we last talked to you, Mr. Asher.

Carl Asher: Great. I assume you've asked me here because you need my professional evaluation of your so-called facts?

Detective Parker: We asked you here for your confession.

Carl Asher: Confession? I hope you packed a lunch, honey, because I assure you, it'll take a lot more torture than you can dish out to make me confess to something I didn't do.

Detective Parker: Torture. I never thought of that one.

Carl Asher: Good. If you decide to give it a go, you better make sure I'm tied down securely before you begin.

Detective Murphy: We're going to be here all day if you don't start playing nice. Carl, you were at Victor's the day he died. In the morning, correct?

Carl Asher: I think we've already established that. Has the department ever thought of buying the two of you those pills that help with memory? Focus Factor or something like that? You should check into them.

Detective Murphy: Did Victor make a habit of staying in his pajamas all day long?

Carl Asher: No. That's a rather strange question, even for you.

Detective Murphy: Was Victor still in his pajamas when you had coffee with him?

Carl Asher: He was still wearing them when I got there, but as I told you before, he was expecting company, so he took a shower and got dressed. I remember because he put on so much aftershave, it choked me.

Detective Parker: You said a hooker was coming over.

Carl Asher: Something like that.

Detective Murphy: We know the woman that came over wasn't a hooker, Carl.

Carl Asher: Uh-huh. This is where you think I'll blurt out her name because you two are just oh so convincing?

Detective Parker: Gayle Jennings. How's that for convincing?

Carl Asher: Impressive. You have done your homework. I wonder who the schmuck was who gave you that information?

Detective Murphy: Why was she there that morning, Carl?

Carl Asher: Oh gee, let's think. Her dear husband was sick and needed to beg Vic to spare a kidney? I bet you already know, so I'll just say Vic and Gayle met on the regular and had been for quite some time.

Detective Murphy: Why did you lie to us about Gayle?

Carl Asher: It wasn't my place to tell. Besides, she has kids. No matter what you think about me, I don't see any excuse to make kids suffer. Besides that, she was gone before Victor was killed.

Detective Murphy: What makes you so sure of that?

Carl Asher: Because I watched her leave, and she was pretty…content.

Detective Murphy: Was it jealousy? Did you kill him because you were sick of him getting all the action?

Detective Parker: There's an angle. You don't have a gal pal do you, Carl?

Carl Asher: Believe it or not, I have a date this evening. Don't even ask because I won't be telling you her name. I will tell you this, she is hott with two t's.

Detective Parker: How nice for you. Why were you recording Victor and Gayle?

Carl Asher: Dammit! You found the tapes?

Detective Murphy: What were you going to do with the tapes, Carl?

Carl Asher: Nothing! Victor wanted them for his own private collection. He was sick, liked seeing himself in action. He paid well though, so I did it.

Detective Murphy: Did Mrs. Jennings know about the tapes?

Carl Asher: Not at first. When she found out, she was pretty mad about it, so Victor told her he wouldn't do it anymore. She believed him.

Detective Murphy: Do you think Victor got what he deserved?

Carl Asher: Maybe. You know what they say. What goes around comes around.

Detective Murphy: Do you know Barbara Daniels?

Carl Asher: Not personally. Now that woman was mad enough to kill. Vic told me she was trying to get money from him for some kid he supposedly fathered, and he flat out told her where to go. He said she was so mad she was shaking, and her face turned blood red right before she told him he didn't deserve to live. He asked me to see what I could dig up on her. Too bad for Vic, she was squeaky clean, and it appeared that the kid really was his.

Detective Parker: Did that bother you, Carl?

Carl Asher: No, why would it?

Detective Murphy: Because Victor added her to his will and now you have to share.

Carl Asher: You think I killed Vic for the insurance money?

Detective Parker: Was that a confession?

Carl Asher: Think about it. If that bothered me, I'd kill the kid, if I was that kind of person. You people still have no clue who killed him, do you? Pathetic. Good thing you get paid by the hour, ain't it?

Detective Parker: What did you do with the music box, Carl?

Carl Asher: Music box?

Detective Parker: Never mind. I think we have all we need. Stay in town, Carl. We're done here.

Carl Asher: Whatever you say, honey.

Interview ended – 10:33 a.m.



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