Michael Hawke bio

Michael Hawke was born and raised in New York City. Glenda and Roger Hawke had given up on having children, so Glenda's pregnancy had been a delightful surprise. On the day Michael was born, August 21, 1983, his parents celebrated his birth in the hospital with family and friends.

As Michael grew up, they knew he would be a performer because he loved acting out the movies and TV programs he saw. Michael was an average student, not really caring too much about his grades, but he always got a part in any play his school staged. He had a lot of friends and was a very happy kid.

After high school, he was accepted to the Juilliard School of Performing Arts. Michael was thrilled because he just knew he was destined to be a great film actor, and the Julliard training would help him when he went to Hollywood.

A famous producer saw Michael perform in a Julliard production and invited him to audition for a movie he was producing. Michael won the role and left school for Hollywood. The rest is history. Michael became a superstar. Men and women alike loved him, and he's now considered one of the top box office draws in the world.

He met Samantha Richardson, an up-and-coming actress who'd already made a name for herself on the small screen. They fell madly in love and were married in a ceremony attended by a Who's Who of Hollywood and Broadway, not to mention dogged by dozens of paparazzi. Together, they became known as "Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood" in the entertainment press and "Sammich" on the gossip blogs.

Michael and Samantha run in the higher circles of the entertainment business and sometimes make appearances at nightclubs and the parties of other stars, but they don't care for the so-called "Hollywood lifestyle." Recently, the couple's agent persuaded them to write a memoir about all they had seen and heard in their careers, the people they'd worked with, and the productions they'd been in.

While searching for a book agent, they heard about Victor Jennings, and that he was excellent at what he did. They hired Victor, and they became close. As the book was being compiled, Victor learned a lot of inside information about a lot of big names in Hollywood, including the Hawkes themselves.

According to court records, Victor Jennings was accused of blackmailing the Hawkes for an enormous amount of money to keep his mouth shut about certain details the couple didn't want in the book.



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