Back at the station, the detectives spoke to the woman who found the body

Lee Merryweather interview

Saturday, March 9, 2019 – 11:02 p.m.

Lee Merryweather was Victor Jennings' personal assistant and is the person who found his body and called 911.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Lee Merryweather

Detective Murphy: Thank you for waiting, Ms. Merryweather. I know it's been a long day.

Lee Merryweather: Not such a good day for me. I'm still in shock.

Detective Parker: Before we begin, would you please state your name and address for the record?

Lee Merryweather: I'm Lee Merryweather, and I live at 3036 Davis Drive, Apartment 234.

Detective Murphy: What was your relationship with Victor Jennings?

Lee Merryweather: I was his personal assistant.

Detective Parker: Which means you did what?

Lee Merryweather: At first, I was just responsible for his clothes, taking his suits to the cleaners and picking them up, and seeing that his suits were matching the rest of his outfits. And I kept the calendar for his appointments and made sure he always knew what was coming next. You know, things like that.

Detective Parker: But at some point, you were given additional responsibilities?

Lee Merryweather: Yeah, eventually, he started trusting me with more details of his business. I kept the files on his clients. And of course, lately, he's needed a lot more help with personal stuff because of the house arrest.

Detective Parker: Do you know why he was on house arrest?

Lee Merryweather. Everyone knows. He was charged with trying to extort money from Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood. I mean, I knew he was trying to cheat some Hollywood people, but I never knew who they were. Well, until he was under arrest and their names came out.

Detective Parker: And what were those names?

Lee Merryweather: You must've heard. They're famous even among the famous. Michael and Samantha Hawke! I can say one thing for Victor. He sure aims high.

Detective Murphy: Tell us about what happened when you went to Mr. Jennings' house today.

Lee Merryweather: It's hard to talk about, you know? Even though Mr. Jennings wasn't a likable person, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Detective Murphy: You mean his death?

Lee Merryweather: Yes, and the way he died.

Detective Murphy: Could you describe what you saw when you arrived?

Lee Merryweather: It looked like he was getting the dishes and silverware out of the dishwasher and slipped and fell. There was a lot of blood.

Detective Murphy: Could you tell where the blood was coming from?

Lee Merryweather: Yes, it was coming from his chest somewhere.

Detective Murphy: You saw a wound in his chest?

Lee Merryweather: Well, no, but he was lying there on the floor in all that blood. I guess I just assumed it was coming from his chest.

Detective Parker: Why do you say Mr. Jennings wasn't a very likable person?

Lee Merryweather: I saw a lot of questionable stuff going on with him and his shady friend. Mr. Jennings knew a lot of wealthy people, and he was always scheming to make money off of them, and not always in the most honest way.

Detective Parker: Meaning what?

Lee Merryweather: He didn't confide in me about a lot of his business deals, but I heard discussions in his office and over the phone. He was blackmailing some people, but he never used any names. He always called them "Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood."

Detective Parker: Tell us what you were doing at Mr. Jennings' residence tonight. How often did you go there in the evenings?

Lee Merryweather: Sometimes, only if he needed me.

Detective Parker: You still haven't told us why you were at his house this time.

Lee Merryweather: Sorry. He had called me earlier in the afternoon and asked me to pick up some groceries for him. He couldn't leave the house, you know. I was too busy then to do it right then, but later, I finally managed to find some time to take care of it. I just wish I could've done it earlier. Maybe things would have been different.

Detective Murphy: Maybe not. Did you ever meet any of Mr. Jennings' family or friends?

Lee Merryweather: That was the strangest thing about Mr. Jennings' life. He never had many visitors. We flew out to California a couple times a year, but nobody came to him. Most of his business deals were done over the phone or on the internet. I did meet the guy that does his dirty work, though. He kinda weirds me out. I kept my distance from him as much as possible.

Detective Murphy: Who would that be?

Lee Merryweather: His name is Carl, and he took care of people that Mr. Jennings didn't want bothering him.

Detective Murphy: When you mentioned Mr. Jennings' shady friend earlier, did you mean Carl?

Lee Merryweather: I don't know. Can we talk about this later? I feel sick. I'd like to go.

Detective Murphy: All right. You can go, but we'll need to talk to you again soon.

Lee Merryweather: Okay. Bye.

Interview ended – 11:21 p.m.


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