The detectives asked Zina for more information about the cars that visited Victor's house

Zina Jacinto follow-up interview

Thursday, March 14, 2019 – 11:20 a.m.

Zina Jacinto lived across the street from Victor Jennings.

Detectives Murphy and Parker re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Zina Jacinto

Detective Parker: Please state your name and address again for us, Zina.

Zina Jacinto: Certainly, my name is Zina Jacinto. Did I tell you it should have been Skeleton? I thought so. I live at 423 Turnberry Circle, Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Murphy: How are the kitties?

Zina Jacinto: Oh, thank you so much for asking. They're great. Little Jimmy has problems with hairballs, but he'll be all right.

Detective Parker: Zina, we need to ask you a couple of questions about the list of cars you gave us.

Zina Jacinto: Did it help you nail the killer? I bet it was the one in the white car.

Detective Parker: Yes, it was helpful, but we haven't found the killer yet.

Zina Jacinto: Too bad.

Detective Murphy: Here is a copy of your list for March 9th, in case you want to refresh your memory.

Zina Jacinto: This list has been altered. The ambulance, the sheriff's department cars, and the coroner's car aren't on here.

Detective Parker: Yes, ma'am. We want to focus on the cars that were there before any of us arrived.

Zina Jacinto: Oh, okay.

Detective Parker: We want to ask you about these two cars: the black one and the little red one. Did you see who was driving either one of those cars?

Zina Jacinto: Well, that blonde woman drives the black car.

Detective Murphy: You'd seen her before?

Zina Jacinto: Many times. I told you about her before. I don't like her.

Detective Murphy: What's her name?

Zina Jacinto: Oh, we've never met.

Detective Murphy: Then how do you know you don't like her?

Zina Jacinto: She wears a fur coat. Victor said it was made out of kittens.

Detective Murphy: That's terrible. Can you tell us anything else about what she looks like? Young or old? Short or tall?

Zina Jacinto: She's middle-aged but dresses like she thinks she's 25.

Detective Parker: Did you see her go inside Victor's house on the 9th?

Zina Jacinto: Yes. He was wearing a bathrobe when he let her in. Can you believe that?

Detective Parker: You saw what he was wearing?

Zina Jacinto: It's right across the street from me. I'd have to be blind not to see.

Detective Murphy: What about the little red car? Did you see who was driving that one?

Zina Jacinto: Another woman. He always had so many women over there. I don't know what they saw in such a terrible man.

Detective Murphy: Was this one blonde too?

Zina Jacinto: No, no. Brunette.

Detective Parker: Had you seen her before?

Zina Jacinto: Once or twice.

Detective Parker: Do you remember anything else about what she looked like?

Zina Jacinto: She's middle-aged too. She seemed like a nice person.

Detective Murphy: You met her?

Zina Jacinto: No, but she didn't wear any fur.

Detective Parker: Did you see her go inside Victor's house that day?

Zina Jacinto: I did not. When I saw her walking to the front door, I turned away. I didn't want to see what state of undress that nasty Victor was in by then.

Detective Murphy: Last time you mentioned a red car with two women. Is that the same red car this brunette woman was driving?

Zina Jacinto: No, they were different.

Detective Murphy: What about the brunette woman? Was she one of the two women you saw in the other red car?

Zina Jacinto: No, they were much younger.

Detective Parker: According to your notes, the black car came back again later that afternoon. Is that correct?

Zina Jacinto: If that's what I wrote, that's what happened.

Detective Parker: You're sure you didn't write it down twice by mistake?

Zina Jacinto: No! If I wrote it twice, then the car was there twice. I'm not losing my marbles. Did Joey tell you that?

Detective Murphy: It's okay, Zina. We just have to double-check. You understand.

Zina Jacinto: The car was there twice.

Detective Parker: And did you see the blonde woman driving it the second time?

Zina Jacinto: She always did.

Detective Parker: But did you see her driving it that time?

Zina Jacinto: I know what I know. I'm not crazy just because you think I am.

Detective Parker: I don't think you're crazy, Zina.

Zina Jacinto: I've heard that before.

Detective Murphy: Zina, it's all right. I think that's all we need today. Is there anything else you want to tell us about Victor right now?

Zina Jacinto: I don't think so.

Detective Murphy: Okay. Thanks for coming in again. Why don't I walk you out?

Zina Jacinto: Thank you. That would be nice.

Interview ended – 11:45 a.m.


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