Kyle Colby bio

Kyle Colby came into the world on April 14, 1996, with an attitude, screaming, kicking and mad as hell. His parents had to hire some help to care for the infant so they could get some rest. 

Kyle never made up to anyone until his sister, Kristin, was born two years later. He thought Kristin was a gift his parents gave him, and he protected and watched over her from the day she was born.

Kyle didn't like school and barely graduated from high school. If it hadn't been for Kristin, he would have dropped out, but he felt like he needed to stay as long as he could to take care of her. Anyone who picked on her had to answer to Kyle, and any boy who wanted to ask her out had to go through Kyle.

After high school, Kyle found work as a mechanic in an Oxford garage and managed to squeak by, living paycheck to paycheck. By that time, his parents were focusing all their hopes and dreams on Kristin because she had drive and ambition where Kyle didn't.

Co-workers describe Kyle as a guy who can be fun or intimidating, but you never know which one to expect. The mechanics often hang out together after work, and adding alcohol to the job stress sometimes makes tempers flare. As long as no one pushes Kyle too far, the tensions blow over by the next day.

Kyle also has a few buddies from high school who are just as rebellious as he, and they hang out at the local bars. They've also been thrown out of most of those bars at one time or another for harassing other customers and starting fights.

Girlfriends for Kyle are few and far between. The girls he meets around town think he's attractive, but find him too rough and chauvinistic. He enjoys his tough guy image, but it makes it hard to get dates.

The only person Kyle seems to always like is his sister, Kristin. He's so proud of her and often brags that she's going to be an internationally-known model. Many people said she's the one person he's always kind to.


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