The detectives talked to Kyle about his reaction to what Victor allegedly did to Kristin

Kyle Colby interview

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 – 3:37 p.m.

Kyle Colby is Kristin Colby's older brother.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Kyle Colby

Detective Murphy: Come in, and pull up that chair.

Kyle Colby: Gee, thanks. I just love coming here and talking to the cops.

Detective Parker: State your name and address for the record.

Kyle Colby: Yes, ma'am. My name is Kyle Colby. My address is 1006 Jackson Avenue.

Detective Murphy: We're happy you changed your mind about coming in.

Kyle Colby: I'm not here because I want to be.

Detective Murphy: Well, thanks for coming in just the same Now, tell us what you know about Victor Jennings.

Kyle Colby: I know the same thing you do. He beat my sister up. I'd like to shake the hand of whoever got rid of him.

Detective Murphy: Who is your sister? We have to have that for the record.

Kyle Colby: Why do you cops always act like you don't know things when you do? You know who she is. Kristin Colby.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. Sounds like you didn't care much for Mr. Jennings. Did you ever speak to him?

Kyle Colby: I only went to his house once. His bullet catcher met me at the door and told me Jennings wasn't available. I know he was there. He was just too much of a chicken to face me.

Detective Parker: Bullet catcher? Seems like Jennings should've had a knife catcher if he wanted to stop you.

Kyle Colby: What? Is that why you made me come here? To lay that on me? I wasn't anywhere near there when that ass bought it.

Detective Murphy: Where were you?

Kyle Colby: I don't remember, but I know I wasn't there. It was a Saturday, right? I work Saturdays down at the garage. After work, we play poker, drink some booze, just fool around. I got plenty of witnesses.

Detective Parker: That sounds like a really exciting Saturday night.

Kyle Colby: Oh, yeah? What do you do? Sit at home watching Twilight movies?

Detective Parker: Yes, exactly.

Detective Murphy: Kyle, we know you had a baseball bat with you when you went to see Victor Jennings. A handy guy like you must carry a knife too.

Kyle Colby: Okay, so I went there with a bat. I didn't even get to see him, I told you. I didn't have my knife on me. And that wasn't even the same day he was offed.

Detective Murphy: What day was it?

Kyle Colby: How the hell should I know? Back in January.

Detective Parker: And what? You just let it go after that? You never went back to try again?

Kyle Colby: Talk to the muscle man with all the tattoos. He knows I never so much as got a glimpse of Jennings that day or any other day.

Detective Parker: What were you planning to do with that bat if you had seen Jennings?

Kyle Colby: What do you think? You know what he did to my sister?

Detective Parker: So he pushed her around a little bit. Does that mean he deserves to get beaten up by a gearhead with a bat?

Kyle Colby: Pushed her around? What the hell kind of cop are you? He tried to rape my sister!

Detective Parker: It couldn't have been that bad since she didn't even bother to report it.

Kyle Colby: You stupid bitch! You come over here and say that to my face. I'll show you what bad is.

Detective Murphy: That's some temper you've got, Kyle. Are you sure you never had it out with Victor Jennings?

Kyle Colby: Oh, you bitches. Yes, you got me. I have a temper. But I didn't kill that asshole. Now if you're done jerking me around, I gotta get back to work.

Detective Murphy: All right. You can go. But stay available, Kyle. Don't make us have to chase you down again.

Kyle Colby: I hope I never see either one of you again.

Detective Parker: Have a nice day.

Interview ended – 4:04 p.m.


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