The detectives talked to Victor's neighbor across the street to learn more about his activities

Zina Jacinto interview

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – 1:45 p.m.

Zina Jacinto lived across the street from Victor Jennings and is the self-appointed neighborhood watch on Turnberry Circle.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Zina Jacinto

Detective Parker: Please state your name and address before we begin.

Zina Jacinto: My name is Zina Jacinto. It was supposed to be Skeleton, but my second parents died. I live at 423 Turnberry Circle right here in Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Parker: How are you today, Ms. Jacinto?

Zina Jacinto: I'm very good, but you can call me Zina. Or Ms. Skeleton?

Detective Murphy: Do you know why we asked you here, Zina?

Zina Jacinto: I guess you need to know about the happenings at Victor Jennings' home. I'm the person with the information, after all.

Detective Parker: That's what we heard. What can you tell us?

Zina Jacinto: I've done a lot of police work for your department. I'm a huge help. The officers told me.

Detective Parker: Yes, ma'am.

Zina Jacinto: I keep lists of all the cars that come and go, especially at Victor's. He had so many parties. The noise was terrible, and Lord knows what depravity they got up to.

Detective Parker: Do you still have that list of the cars at Victor's?

Zina Jacinto: Of course I do. I knew it would come in handy someday.

Detective Parker: What type of list is it?

Zina Jacinto: License plate numbers, dates, you know, stuff like that.

Detective Parker: That would be very helpful, Zina.

Zina Jacinto: I can go home and get it right now, and bring it to you.

Detective Murphy: We do want to see it, but let's finish our conversation first. What can you tell us about Victor Jennings?

Zina Jacinto: Oh, he was the most horrid neighbor ever. He seemed to hate everything that moved. Did you know that he had a slingshot and he'd sit on his stoop and shoot at my cats? He even put out one of Mrs. Whiskers' eyes. He was a terrible, terrible man.

Detective Parker: Did he have many visitors?

Zina Jacinto: On weekends, I tell you, his house was like Grand Central Station. During the week, it was less. The young woman with the dark hair came and went on a daily basis. And that man with the tattoos and the ponytail. Can you believe that? Jesus had long hair, but He never wore it in a ponytail like a woman, and He would never deface his skin like that. The body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, you know.

Detective Parker: Yes, ma'am. Who else did you see at Victor's house?

Zina Jacinto: The woman in the black car. She came around a lot. There were two women in a little red car for a while, but they hadn't come by lately.

Detective Murphy: Did you recognize the woman in the black car?

Zina Jacinto: I don't know her, but her car is on my list. I'm sure of it.

Detective Murphy: What about the two women in the red car?

Zina Jacinto: I never found out who they were. There were other people too, but my memory isn't what it used to be. That's why I like to jot things down.

Detective Parker: Did you ever have contact with Victor?

Zina Jacinto: Yes! He accused me of being a busybody. Can you believe the nerve that man had? Did I tell you he ran over one of my kittens with his riding lawnmower, and then laughed about it? Oh, it was so awful.

Detective Parker: Did you report that to the sheriff's department?

Zina Jacinto: Of course I did. I report everything. They came out and said they investigated, but they claimed they couldn't find any evidence. He must've paid them off. But even he couldn't escape the Lord's retribution for his sins.

Detective Parker: Did you see what went on at Victor's house the day he died?

Zina Jacinto: Yes, but I'm afraid I was derelict in my duty that day. I wasn't watching as closely as I usually do because Mrs. Lamar had her babies that day.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Lamar?

Zina Jacinto: My new kitty. I found her wandering on North Lamar. Can you believe that? In her condition? I adopted her—adoption is a wonderful thing, you know—and took care of her, and she had four healthy babies.

Detective Murphy: That's wonderful. So what did you see at Victor's that day?

Zina Jacinto: Well, he had his usual visitors. Not as many as he used to have, but the ones who came by regular.

Detective Murphy: Do you remember who they were?

Zina Jacinto: They're all on my list. I should've brought it with me. Do you want me to go get it now?

Detective Murphy: That's okay, Zina. Could we stop by later today and pick it up?

Zina Jacinto: Yes, of course. I have so much more to tell you though. Are you real sure you don't want to hear what he did to my Sunshine and Fluffy for leaving paw prints on his precious car hood?

Detective Murphy: We'd like to, but we're pressed for time right now. Maybe another time?

Zina Jacinto: I understand. You have a murderer to find. If it wasn't Victor who was dead, I'd tell you he was probably the killer. He had evil in his heart.

Detective Parker: Yes, ma'am. We'll give you a call when we're on our way to pick up that list.

Zina Jacinto: I'll be ready. I'll get it out for you ASAP. Isn't that a police term? I'm good at that you know.

Detective Murphy: That'd be great. Have a safe trip home, Zina.

Zina Jacinto: Bye-bye.

Interview ended – 2:10 p.m.


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