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Former suspect speaks out

The Crime Beat reports: Previous suspect talks about the arrest of Monica Drum's alleged killer

Morgan Prescott interview

The St. Charles Parish (LA) Sheriff's Department asked Mr. Prescott about his relationship with David Ledford.

Preliminary search forensics

The lab provied preliminary comparisons of search evidence with evidence from the crime scene.

Search – David Ledford

The detectives searched properties associated with David Ledford for evidence related to Monica Drum's murder.

Alibi Status

Investigators summarized the alibis for persons of interest and whether those alibis could be corroborated.

Search – Rick Hughes

The detectives searched Rick's residence for evidence related to the murder of Monica Drum.

David Ledford interview

YCSD officers arrested David Ledford for public drunkenness. After he sobered up, the detectives talked to him.

PI talks to the wife

PI Anderson had an informal conversation with the wife of a person of interest.

License plate trace

Investigators ran a check on Mississippi license plates matching the partial number Frannie Grace provided.

Patricia Hagen bio

Patricia is a former professor who left her job to support her husband’s political career.

Patricia Hagen interview

The detectives asked Mrs. Hagen about her husband's involvement in gambling and possibly murder.

Soil analysis

The lab conducted additional analyses of the soil samples found at the crime scene.

PI locates person of interest

Det. Armstrong's old partner tracked down a former Eagle employee YCSD detectives have been looking for.

Bombshell arrest stuns community

The Crime Beat reports: Alleged illegal gambling ring exposed

Shawn Sharp interview #2

The detectives wanted to know if Shawn remembered anything more about the night Monica was murdered.

Frannie Grace interview #2

The YCSD arranged for Frannie Grace to try to remember more about the night of the murder.

Drum memorial service held

The Oxford Weekly Planet covered the local memorial service for Monica Drum.

Rick Hughes bio

Rick joined the Eagle staff after earning a master's degree in journalism from Ole Miss.

Rick Hughes interview

After Melvin Roberts confessed to killing Monica Drum, Rick Hughes contacted the detectives and agreed to come in for an interview.

Frannie Grace interview

The detectives met with the Oxford Eagle janitor about what she witnessed the night of the murder.

Coroner's preliminary report

Preliminary report on the autopsy of Monica Drum. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Frank Knight interview

The detectives asked Mr. Knight about his involvement in Rep. Hagen's relationship with Monica Drum.

Preliminary forensic analysis

The lab provided their preliminary findings on evidence recovered from the crime scene.

Edward Hagen interview

The detectives spoke to Representative Hagen about some items in Monica Drum's effects.

Edward Hagen bio

The scion of a political family, Edward Hagen currently serves in the U.S. House of Representatives.

New frustration in Drum case

The Crime Beat reports: Another twist in the Drum murder investigation

Analysis of handwritten note

Analysts conducted a preliminary examination of the handwritten note found among Monica's effects.

Security video

YCSD investigators located video of a person of interest at the time of the murder.

Kenzie Walker interview

Kenzie Walker reportedly was with Melvin Roberts shortly after Monica Drum was killed.

Jessica Shaffer bio

Investigators researched the background of Jessica Shaffer, named as a beneficiary of Monica's will.

Ballistics analysis

The lab analyzed evidence collected from the crime scene and from Mr. Roberts.

Melvin Roberts evaluation

At the sheriff's department's request, the county mental health service evaluated Melvin Roberts.

Rick Hughes pens letter

Rick Hughes addresses the community about his involvement in the Monica Drum murder.

Letters to Monica

Handwritten correspondence from Lori to Monica was found in her safe deposit box.

Monica Drum's will

Monica Drum's last will and testament was found in her safe deposit box.

Safe deposit box inventory

YCSD investigators traced the safe deposit key to a bank in Memphis, TN. Detectives coordinated with Shelby County, TN authorities to execute a search warrant.

Candy Roberts interview

Candy Roberts came into the Sheriff's Department to talk about her husband's confession.

Lori Schultz interview

The detectives met with Lori after she found an object hidden at Ms. Drum's residence.

Incident report - object found

A caller reported the discovery of an unusual object found in Monica Drum's residence.

Newspaper clip file – Melvin Roberts

Investigators pulled copies of articles Monica wrote about Melvin Roberts.

YCSD Archive: Drum/Roberts incident report

From the Sheriff's Department 2014 Archives: Monica Drum filed this report regarding Melvin Roberts.

Melvin Roberts interview

Melvin agreed to talk to the detectives about his confession to killing Monica Drum.

Melvin Roberts bio

Melvin is a native Yoknapatawphan and was well-liked until he was falsely accused of rape.

Store owner admits killing Drum

The Crime Beat reports: Alleged shooter blamed Drum for ruining his life

John Winter personnel file

The Oxford Eagle provided the personnel file of terminated employee John Winter.

David Ledford personnel file

The Oxford Eagle provided the personnel file of terminated employee David Ledford.

Bettina North personnel file

The Oxford Eagle provided the personnel file of terminated employee Bettina North.

Victim's appointments

Investigators exported Monica's recent calendar data from the computer taken into evidence in her office.

When News-Makers Become the News

The Crime Beat reports: Where is Monica's ex (?) boyfriend in the investigation into her murder?

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