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Randy Parker, CG
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Analysis: Questioned Document Examination; Graphology

Case #: 003369-14G-2019

Case Description: Monica Drum homicide

Investigative Agency: Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. E. Parker


Questioned Document Examination

A forensic document examiner analyzed the handwritten note found in Monica Drum's safe deposit box for similarities with known handwriting samples from persons connected with the investigation.

Evidence Item Description


One (1) handwritten note

  • Text of note: "You should be here when I come to talk to you! You know what happened to me wasn't fair! You should have treated me better because I deserve better! You'll pay for what you did to me! I'll make sure you get what you deserve!"

Results of Comparative Examination: Preliminary analysis cannot conclusively match the handwriting in the note to known comparison handwriting samples that include: Nicole Grayson, Rick Hughes, Craig Pegues, Melvin Roberts, Lori Schultz, or Shawn Sharp.

//Hope Clark, FDE


A graphologist provided unofficial, non-scientific observations about the note.

Graphology Observations

There is a rage present not just in the content of the note but also in the harsh penmanship, with its forceful deletions underlining and liberal use of exclamation marks.

The writing style shows evidence of stressful emotions due to the dips below and above the ruled line. Though the lines on the ruled paper provide a base to write on, he doesn't follow them. Instead, the writing in the note is in a wavy pattern. These indicators of line show an inability to keep a lid on emotions.

In addition, the writer is racked by contradictory feelings, as seen in the mixture of left and right slanted letters. An example is seen in line one, which reads, "You should be here when I come to talk to you!". This is a sign of a man unable to maintain emotional relationships for long times; and also a man ruled by powerful rages.

Throughout his writing, he mixes upper and lower case printing, as in the word "deserve" in the last line. This is another in a pattern of inconsistencies and unexpected deviations. It shows that he has a problem in his value system; an inability to make a clear demarcation between right and wrong. His values can shift on the basis of need or whim.

The fact that he uses unadorned printing instead of script explains why friends rarely see him for what he is. Often times, printing is used by people when they want to mask their real selves. Printing allows for a more pleasing presentation. The printer feels this presents a controlled facade.

In several places, he crosses out a word. In doing so, he unnecessarily uses many strokes and makes it black with intense pressure. This shows he won't be told he's wrong or take criticism. He wants his way, no matter what. In his world, everything is fine as long as it follows his wishes. Expose any weakness in him, then anger, hostility and rage surface. This rage may erupt without warning.

//Randy Parker, Certified Graphologist



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