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Search – David Ledford

The detectives searched properties associated with David Ledford for evidence related to Monica Drum's murder.

Alibi Status

Investigators summarized the alibis for persons of interest and whether those alibis could be corroborated.

Search – Rick Hughes

The detectives searched Rick's residence for evidence related to the murder of Monica Drum.

David Ledford interview

YCSD officers arrested David Ledford for public drunkenness. After he sobered up, the detectives talked to him.

PI talks to the wife

PI Anderson had an informal conversation with the wife of a person of interest.

License plate trace

Investigators ran a check on Mississippi license plates matching the partial number Frannie Grace provided.

Patricia Hagen bio

Patricia is a former professor who left her job to support her husband’s political career.

Patricia Hagen interview

The detectives asked Mrs. Hagen about her husband's involvement in gambling and possibly murder.

Soil analysis

The lab conducted additional analyses of the soil samples found at the crime scene.

PI locates person of interest

Det. Armstrong's old partner tracked down a former Eagle employee YCSD detectives have been looking for.

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