Updated forensics

The Crime Lab updated their preliminary findings on evidence collected at the crime scene.

Jolene Wright interview #2

The detectives visited Jolene in her new digs to see if she had more to say.

Rebel Yell canvass

The detectives went to The Rebel Yell to talk to employees and patrons.

Woman arrested

The Crime Beat reports: Woman's arrest related to slain detective

IA memo to Homicide

Internal Affairs advised Homicide of some developments in the investigation.

Search ā€“ Wright residence

YCSD investigators searched the Wright residence for evidence in the Charles Tatum death investigation.

Jolene Wright interview

The detectives sat down with one of the waitresses from the Rebel Yell.

Jolene Wright bio

Jolene lived in small towns across northern Mississippi before coming to Oxford.

Places of interest map

Investigators mapped Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the Charles Tatum investigation.

Julianne Clarke interview

The detectives talked to the sales clerk associated with a recent credit card purchase.

Security video

Investigators obtained security video from a local convenience store for a date of interest.

Composite sketch

A sketch artist created a composite of the woman seen at Mugshots based on witness descriptions.

Call logs

Investigators reviewed Detective Tatum's call logs for the days surrounding his death.

Credit card records

Investigators reviewed Detective Tatum's recent credit card purchases.

Mugshots canvass

The detectives spoke to patrons who were at Mugshots the night of April 12th.

Claude Myrick interview

The detectives talked to a Mugshots bartender about Detective Tatum's patronage there.

Slain detective laid to rest

The Crime Beat reports: Community comes together to mourn Detective Tatum

Preliminary forensics

The Crime Lab sent over a summary report of their preliminary findings. 

Lionel Thomas interview

The detectives tried to talk to another ex-con with ties to Detective Tatum. 

Lionel Thomas bio

Lionel embraced anti-social behavior from an early age, which hasn't always served him well.

Larry Johnson interview

Larry was up to no good when he was arrested but claims prison changed his life.

Larry Johnson bio

Larry made some mistakes before finally finding his path in life.

Joseph Baker Jr. interview

The detectives brought in another ex-con who had a history with Detective Tatum. 

Joseph Baker Jr. bio

Joe left home at an early age and quickly ran into trouble.

Ricardo Brutnell interview

The detectives spoke to an ex-con who Detective Tatum helped convict.

Ricardo Brutnell bio

Ricardo has been engaged in one criminal activity or another for most of his life.

Voicemail messages

Investigators listened to the voicemail messages on Detective Tatum's cell phone.

Det. Huckabee interview

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to Detective Huckabee about cases he worked with Detective Tatum.

Hank Peterson interview

The detectives asked Hank about Detective Tatum's interactions with his business. 

Hank Peterson bio

Some say Hank's difficult childhood made him the man he is today. 

Lt. Montoya interview

The detectives also met with Charles Tatum's senior supervisor. 

Sgt Spearman interview

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to Detective Tatum's supervisor about his current investigations. 

Coroner's report

The Coroner's Office provided a preliminary summary of the Tatum autopsy findings. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Evidence inventory

CSU provided this preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the newly classified scene.

IA memo to Homicide

Internal Affairs notified Homicide of critical items not found at the scene.

Coroner's info

The coroner's office notified detectives of preliminary findings that could affect the investigation.

Marion Sanders interview

The detectives asked Marion about her relationship with Charles Tatum.

Marion Sanders bio

After a failed marriage, Marion returned to the town where she'd attended college.

Surveillance report

The assigned officers submitted their report on activities at the specified location.

Sheriff memo to Watch Commanders

Sheriff Sheldon sent an important notice to YCSD personnel via their watch commanders.

Edith McElroy interview

The detectives asked Edith about her tenant, Charles Tatum, and her 911 call.

Edith McElroy bio

Edith grew up in Montana and later moved to Oxford, where she met her future husband.

Sheriff's detective fatally shot

The Crime Beat reports: Respected officer found dead in peculiar circumstances.

IA memo to Sheriff

Internal Affairs reviewed Detective Tatum's file in the wake of his death.

Charles Tatum bio

Charlie grew up in Alabama before moving to Yoknapatawpha County to join the sheriff's department.

Incident report

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting an unpleasant odor at a Combs Street residence.

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