Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 002558-20E-2018
Case Description: Charles Tatum death investigation

The following items were taken into evidence from the residence of Detective Charles Tatum at 107-B Combs Street, now re-designated as a homicide crime scene, not a suicide scene.

CSU is still actively collecting trace evidence from the scene and will provide an inventory at a later date.

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2558-15-02: City Grocery matchbook
002558-16-02: Swiss army pocketknife

Recovered from the bedroom:

  • 002558-10 through 002558-14: bedclothes
    • 002558-10: One (1) fitted sheet
    • 002558-11: One (1) flat sheet
    • 002558-12 through 002558-13: Two (2) pillowcases
    • 002558-14: One (1) bedspread

Recovered from the living room:

  • 002558-15 through 002558-22: Clothing found in living room
    • 002558-15: One (1) men's jacket, size 44, black
      contents of pockets:
      • 002558-15-01: One (1) ballpoint pen, translucent
      • 002558-15-02: One (1) matchbook, yellow, City Grocery Bar
    • 002558-16: One (1) pair men's jeans, size 34, blue denim
      • 002558-16-01: One (1) key ring with 4 keys and Kroger Card
      • 002558-16-02: One (1) pocketknife, red, Swiss style, 3.5 inches
      • 002558-16-03: $1.78 in coins (5 quarters, 3 dimes, 4 nickels, 3 pennies)
    • 002558-17: One (1) men's knit pullover shirt, size XL, black
    • 002558-18: One (1) pair men's socks, black
    • 002558-19: One (1) pair men's loafers, size 13, black
    • 002558-20: One (1) pair men's underwear, size 34, gray
  • 002558-21: One (1) left-handed pancake holster, recovered from victim's jeans
  • 002558-22: One (1) cell phone, recovered from victim's trousers


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I don't see his gun in the evidence. Is in custody or is it missing?

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Since it was in his hand, it would have been taken when they initially processed the scene.

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