Did Detective Tatum really shoot himself or was it someone else's parting shot?What happened?

Investigation Day 1

Yoknapatawpha Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting an unpleasant odor at a Combs Street residence. Sheriff's deputies dispatched to the scene discovered the body of YCSD detective Charles Tatum inside the home.

As Sheriff Sheldon prepared to talk to the press about the detective's death, Internal Affairs sent him a memo about Detective Tatum.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with Detective Tatum's landlady to find out more about the circumstances leading up to her 911 call.

Meanwhile, per the Sheriff's order, Detective Tatum's residence was put under surveillance, leading to an unidentified person being detained at the scene.

She was subsequently identified as Detective Tatum's girlfriend and transported to the sheriff's department to sit down with detectives.

That afternoon, the detectives received an urgent call from the Coroner's Office, and after meeting with the medical examiner, updated the case file with the coroner's findings. Later, Internal Affairs notified the detectives of a development in their investigation.

With the investigation reclassified, CSU went over the scene again.

Investigation Day 3

First thing the next morning, the coroner sent over a preliminary summary report documenting their findings.

Then Detectives Armstrong and Murphy sat down with Detective Tatum's supervisor and senior supervisor to learn more about the investigations he was working on.

At Sgt. Spearman's suggestion, the detectives went to talk to a local businessman who might know something about Detective Tatum's recent investigative interests.

That afternoon, they talked to another detective who sometimes worked with Detective Tatum.

Later, they reviewed the voicemail on Detective Tatum's cell phone.

Investigation Day 4

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to a local businessman with a criminal past that intersected with Detective Tatum.

Then they had a talk with a recently released ex-con with no love of law enforcement, especially Detective Tatum.

Next, they spoke to another man who attributed all the changes in his life to Detective Tatum.

Later, they talked to another ex-con who really annoyed Detective Armstrong.

Investigation Day 5

The crime lab sent over a summary report of some of their early findings from the preliminary analysis of the crime scene evidence.

Meanwhile, the detectives and many others attended Detective Tatum's funeral.

That afternoon, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy sat down with the Mugshots bartender who was working the last time Detective Tatum was there.

Later, the detectives spoke to patrons who were at Mugshots that night about their interactions with Detective Tatum.

While the detectives were interviewing the bar patrons, Detective Tatum's most recent credit card statement and cell phone call logs came in.

Investigation Day 6

The next morning, a forensic sketch artist worked with witnesses from Mugshots to create a composite sketch of the woman seen with Detective Tatum.

Meanwhile, detectives obtained security video from a local convenience store showing a transaction of interest.

Later, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to a clerk from Underneath It All about a recent purchase in the store.

Other investigators mapped out locations of interest to the investigation.

Investigation Day 7

The next day, the detectives brought in one of the waitresses from the Rebel Yell to find out what she knew.

Investigation Day 8

IA notified Homicide of developments in the investigation, including recovery of certain evidence.

Investigation Day 9

While investigators were in the midst of spending a couple of days talking to patrons and staff at the Rebel Yell, the local media reported on recent progress in the case.

Later, the detectives went to see Jolene in her new digs to find out if she had anything else to tell them.

While they were talking to her, some updated forensics came in from the crime lab.

That evening, the local gossip blog published a new post.

Investigation Day 10

The next morning, the detectives got a call asking them to come over to the jail for a chat.

Several hours later, investigators listened in on a conversation in the county jail's visiting area.

Investigation Day 11

First thing the next morning, the regional crime lab agreed to prioritize the YCSD's request and analyzed some new evidence.

Less than an hour after receiving the findings, the detectives confronted the latest suspect with the damning evidence.

Late that afternoon, the YCSD announced the results of their investigation in a press conference.