Taylor Sheldon, Sheriff
Oxford, MS 38655


TO: Taylor Sheldon
FROM: Captain Leonard Burmeister
Chief, YCSD Internal Affairs
DATE: May 20, 2018
RE: Detective Charles Tatum

Realizing that a press statement regarding Detective Charles Tatum is imminent, this office conducted a full review of the files and found no derogatory information in Detective Tatum's record.

No complaint was ever lodged against him by any party nor was any disciplinary or administrative action ever sought against him.

Should any new information come to light, IA will notify your office immediately.


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So, basically, no one from Detective Tatum's past cases are suspected in his supposed suicide? So far, it definitely looks like a suicide except, theirs no suicide note as far as I know.

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Well, it's possible it was a suicide...but his friends stated he wouldn't take his own life. It "wasn't him". I'd recommend getting an interview out of those friends of his.

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Exactly! Id interrogate every cop in the bar with him that Wednesday night. Definitely find out more about what happened after he left that Bar that night.

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And there’s a possibility the murder wasn’t at his residence. Maybe they shot him there and brought him back to the house to avoid suspicion? If they were a police officer, they’d know where the detectives and others would look.

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