A teenage girl was found dead, floating in a raft in her family pool

YCSD Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a body at a College Hill Road residence.

Inventory of evidence collected at the Byrns crime scene

CSU submitted this preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the scene.

Alyx Byrns, found dead in her pool

A high school junior, Alyx lived with her dad after her parents divorced.

Teenager found dead in swimming pool

The Crime Beat reports: Teen found dead at her College Hill residence.

Rachel Moody is the personal chef for the Byrns family

Born in England, Rachel and her parents immigrated to the US when she was seven.

Rachel Moody called 911 in hopes of teaching Alyx a lesson

The detectives spoke to Rachel about her 911 call reporting the body in the pool.

David Gregory likes being his own boss and being with the ladies

David enjoys being his own boss and flirting with his female customers.

David Gregory thought Alyx was up to another one of her tricks

The detectives asked David for the details of how he discovered the body.

Record of calls to and from Alyx's cell phone before she died

Paul Byrns turned over his daughter's cell phone to the Sheriff's Department for analysis.

Detective's note in the case file

The coroner's office notified detectives of some preliminary findings that could affect the investigation.

After ending his disastrous first marriage, Paul let Alyx think his 2nd wife was her mother

Paul made his fortune as the founder and CEO of a successful tech company.

Paul Byrns had a disagreement with his daughter the day before she died

The detectives spoke to Alyx's father the morning after she was found dead.

Barbara was a devoted mother to Alyx, when the demands of her career allowed

Barbara was a devoted mother to Alyx as the demands of her career allowed.

Barbara says she and Alyx got along fine

The detectives spoke to Barbara about her stepdaughter's relationships and activities before her death.

Josh has never had any real relationships in his life

Josh's upbringing was anything but traditional, but he found his niche as a landscaper.

Josh was seen at the Byrns residence the day Alyx died

The detectives spoke to the landscaper who was at the Byrns house the day Alyx died.

Stephen had a troubled past long before he met Alyx

Stephen had an unconventional past long before he came to Yoknapatawpha County.

Stephen claims Alyx broke up with him the day she died

The detectives asked Alyx's boyfriend to come in for a conversation.

Paul Byrns let the detectives collect liquor from his residence

Paul Byrns gave the detectives permission to collect some evidence from his residence.

Katie avoided her responsibilities and hung out with Alyx instead

Katie preferred hanging out with her best friend to studying and looking after her little brother.

Katie thinks her best friend, Alyx, may have killed herself

The detectives asked Alyx's best friend to describe Alyx's state of mind before her death.

Megan struggled to make friends in the popular crowd

After struggling to make friends, Megan was thrilled when the popular girls accepted her.

Megan was with Katie when they heard Alyx was dead

The detectives also spoke with Alyx's other close friend about Alyx's relationships.

Preliminary analysis of fingerprints recovered from the death scene

The crime lab sent over preliminary findings on fingerprints lifted from the death scene.

Josh has an explanation for where his fingerprints were found

The detectives talked to Josh again to ask about some of the early fingerprint findings.

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