Megan was with Katie when they heard Alyx was dead

Megan Plummer

Sunday, April 22, 2018 – 1:03 p.m.

Megan Plummer is one of Alyx's friends.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Megan Plummer

Detective Murphy: We're both sorry for the loss of your friend.

Megan Plummer: Thank you.

Detective Murphy: Before we get started, we need your name and address for our records.

Megan Plummer: My name is Megan Plummer, and I live at 470 Jefferson Avenue, Oxford, Mississippi. Everybody just calls me Megan.

Detective Murphy: You seem nervous.

Megan Plummer: I've never been in a police station before. It's scary.

Detective Murphy: There's no need to be scared or nervous. We just need to ask you a few questions about your friend Alyx. Before we start, can we get you something like a glass of water or a soda?

Megan Plummer: No, thank you. I just had lunch.

Detective Armstrong: Megan, how well did you know Alyx Byrns?

Megan Plummer: I met Alyx in the tenth grade when I went over to Katie's house for a sleep-over.

Detective Armstrong: Who's Katie?

Megan Plummer: Katie Henderson. She’s a friend of mine and Alyx’s.

Detective Armstrong: You were all friends equally?

Megan Plummer: Well, they had been friends forever, so maybe they were a little closer, especially at first. But we all became very good friends.

Detective Armstrong: Was money ever an issue?

Megan Plummer: No, money never really seemed to matter. I care a lot about both Katie and Alyx. Besides, I have a nice house and everything I need.

Detective Armstrong: What can you tell us about Katie's relationship with Alyx's dad, Paul Byrns?

Megan Plummer: Sometimes Katie got flirty with Mr. Byrns, but it was all innocent.

Detective Armstrong: They were never a little too flirty?

Megan Plummer: No. Gross! They were just joking around.

Detective Murphy: Can you tell us anything about Alyx's boyfriend?

Megan Plummer: Not really. I’ve met him, but I don’t know him that well. He's a good-looking guy, but Stephen acts like a delinquent, which Alyx always seemed to like.

Detective Murphy: How does a delinquent act?

Megan Plummer: You know, like he’s so tough. Like he has no respect for authority.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know anything about the Byrns family's gardener?

Megan Plummer: I saw him at Alyx's house before, but I never talked to him. I know he was interested in her.

Detective Armstrong: You know his name?

Megan Plummer: Yeah. Josh… something? Carstairs maybe?

Detective Armstrong: Have you ever seen him anywhere else, other than at Alyx's?

Megan Plummer: I don't know. Maybe, I guess?

Detective Armstrong: Do you know how he got Alyx's phone number?

Megan Plummer: Well… yes. Katie gave it to him. She just meant it as a joke because Josh had asked Katie to help him get a date with Alyx.

Detective Murphy: Megan, when was the last time you saw Alyx?

Megan Plummer: Thursday morning. Then Katie called Alyx that afternoon and asked her if we could have a pool party that night since we didn't have school on Friday, but the pump was locked up, and the pool guy couldn't fix it until Friday. Alyx had a date with Stephen on Thursday night anyway, so Katie and Alyx decided to hang out with each other on Friday night.

Detective Murphy: They were going to hang out without you?

Megan Plummer: I don't know. Maybe.

Detective Armstrong: Doesn't Katie have a pool at her house?

Megan Plummer: Yes, she has a pool, but Katie said her dad hasn't opened it for the summer yet.

Detective Murphy: Where were you on Friday?

Megan Plummer: I went over to Katie's house around 1:15, and we went down to the basement. They have a big game room with pool tables and a home theatre. It's very nice.

Detective Armstrong: What did you do?

Megan Plummer: We hung out for a while, and then Alyx called. Katie said Alyx was upset with Stephen. That he was a wimp and she was going to break up with him.

Detective Armstrong: What time did Alyx call?

Megan Plummer: I'm not sure of the exact time. I'd say close to 1:30. I hadn't been there too long when the phone rang.

Detective Armstrong: What did you and Katie do for the rest of the afternoon?

Megan Plummer: We just hung out in Katie's basement playing pool. We never left her house that day.

Detective Murphy: How did you find out that Alyx was dead?

Megan Plummer: Mr. Henderson, Katie's dad, came down to the basement and told us. I’ll never forget it. It was a terrible shock. It is all so surreal to me. I'm sorry, detectives. I need to go home now.

Detective Murphy: All right, you can go, Megan, but we might need you to come back later if we have more questions. How do you feel about that?

Megan Plummer: I guess that'd be OK?

Detective Murphy: Once again, we're sorry for the loss of your friend.

Interview ended – 1:42 p.m.

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Katie said Megan wasn't there when Alex called, said she showed up shortly after that. Megan says she was there and they hung out for a while before Alex called.

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