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Katie Henderson interview #2

Monday, July 25, 2022 – 2:02 p.m.

Katie Henderson is Alyx's best friend.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective: T. Armstrong
  • Detective: S. Murphy
  • Katie Henderson

Detective Armstrong: Thank you for coming in again, Miss Henderson. Please state your name and address once more for the record.

Katie Henderson: I have no idea why I am here. I told you everything last time. My name is Katherine Henderson, and I live at 126 Pine Crest Drive.

Detective Murphy: Since we last spoke with you, some additional questions have come up. You do still want to help us solve this case, don't you?

Katie Henderson: Yes, of course, I do. How can I help?

Detective Murphy: How did Alyx and Mrs. Byrns get along?

Katie Henderson: They did all right. They loved each other. I think they got along well, considering.

Detective Murphy: Considering what?

Katie Henderson: Barbara was always too busy. Alyx always wanted to spend more time with her parents.

Detective Murphy: What about Mr. Byrns? How was their relationship?

Katie Henderson: Oh, Alyx could do no wrong in Paul's eyes. I told him once that Alyx needed him to set down some rules in her life, but he ignored my advice.

Detective Armstrong: You said this to Mr. Byrns in front of Alyx? I bet she didn't like that very much.

Katie Henderson: No, I would never say that where she could hear me.

Detective Armstrong: What type of relationship do you have with Mr. Byrns?

Katie Henderson: What are you suggesting? I don't like the way you said that! He's my best friend's father.

Detective Armstrong: Even your friend Megan Plummer knows better than that.

Katie Henderson: What? Megan? She doesn't know anything!

Detective Armstrong: It's come to our attention that you may have been closer to Paul than we initially thought. Come on, he was more than just your best friend's father, Katie, wasn't he?

Katie Henderson: Fine. Yes! I had sex with him—more than once. I don't know how you found out since it was a secret. I never told anyone.

Detective Murphy: He's awfully old for you. Did he take advantage of you?

Katie Henderson: No, he didn't. I came on to him, and he finally caved. I could see that his relationship with Barbara was in trouble, so it didn't take much coaxing. Please don't let people find out about this. My parents will be devastated. They think I'm perfect.

Detective Murphy: Why did you assume their marriage was in trouble?

Katie Henderson: Because whenever another guy was around, she would go out of her way to touch him or hug him in front of Paul. Basically just flirting with any male. She looked stupid, really. Like any young man would want her.

Detective Murphy: Careful there. You look a little green.

Katie Henderson: Me, jealous of Barbara? Ha! Not even.

Detective Armstrong: Were you jealous of Alyx's relationship with her father?

Katie Henderson: I had no grand illusions about Paul and me. I'm not in love with him or anything. It was just something to do that was taboo, you know?

Detective Armstrong: Did you kill her?

Katie Henderson: Oh crap! Is that what you think? No! Alyx and I were going to be friends for life. The sex with Paul was just sex. Not a relationship. Big difference.

Detective Murphy: Have you spoken with Mr. Byrns since Alyx's death?

Katie Henderson: Not really. I went over with my parents yesterday. My mom insisted on bringing them a casserole even though they have a chef. I tried to give him a hug, but he walked right past me, so I just told him I was sorry.

Detective Murphy: Did you feel like he was avoiding you?

Katie Henderson: It was really weird because he looked at me, but it was like he didn't see me. He looked awful. His face was swollen, and his eyes were all red. It was like he didn't even know who I was. So sad.

Detective Armstrong: Have you had the opportunity to consider who might have had a motive to hurt Alyx?

Katie Henderson: Yes, I have, actually. I think you should focus on the Byrnses' cook, Rachel, and maybe Josh, too.

Detective Murphy: Why these two, Katie?

Katie Henderson: Because Rachel hated Paul because of the way he let Alyx treat her.

Detective Murphy: Then why would she kill Alyx and not Paul?

Katie Henderson: Alyx was ruthless when it came to the chef, refusing to make eye contact and acting as if Rachel was infected with some deadly disease. It was funny, really.

Detective Armstrong: And Josh Carstairs? Why him?

Katie Henderson: He was obsessed with Alyx. I watch "Law & Order: SVU." I know how these obsessions can get out of hand.

Detective Armstrong: Then what about the boyfriend? Are you sure he wouldn't have hurt her?

Katie Henderson: Stephen? No way. I am positive it was not him. I've talked with him several times since that day, and he did not do it. He has a big heart.

Detective Murphy: We appreciate you coming in today, Katie. If you think of anything else that might help, please let us know.

Katie Henderson: Yes, of course. Thank you.

Interview ends – 2:43 p.m.




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