Megan struggled to make friends in the popular crowd

Megan Plummer bio

Megan Marie Plummer was born December 25, 1999, in Oxford, Mississippi, the second child of Eric and Lindsey Plummer. Eric was a firefighter with the Yoknapatawpha County Fire Department, and Lindsey was a nurse at Baptist Memorial Hospital. Megan had an older brother, Jeffrey, who everyone called Jeff.

Megan's parents were thrilled to have a baby daughter and thought it a blessing to have their child born on Christ's birthday. The Plummers were a solid, middle-class family, and the children always had what they needed.

Jeff is seven years older than Megan. There were enough years between them that Jeff didn't consider Megan a pain in the neck. In fact, he adored his little sister. Their bond was undeniable, and the siblings loved and protected each other.

The family attended church regularly, and Jeff and Megan were active in their respective youth groups.

Both Megan and Jeff were bright and disciplined students. Since he preceded her in school, Jeff had the inside track on Megan's teachers, and he always made sure Megan's homework was completed and checked.

The summer before Megan started high school, Jeff was accepted to Baylor University in Waco, Texas, to pursue his Master's degree. Once Jeff was gone, Megan felt lost without him, which made high school difficult for her. Megan missed her brother terribly and found it hard to make friends.

Megan's grades began to slip slightly as she focused on changes she thought she needed to make to herself so the popular girls would let her hang out with them. She secretly dieted and saved her lunch money to buy clothes she thought were more acceptable.

When she was a sophomore, she struck the mother lode when her new friend, Katie Henderson, invited her to a sleep-over. Katie also invited her best friend, Alyx Byrns. That's when Megan knew she had finally been accepted into the rich girls' inner circle.


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