Stephen had a troubled past long before he met Alyx

Stephen Lamoire bio

Stephen Lamoire was born on February 27, 1998, in Passaic, New Jersey to James (Jim) and Linda Lamoire. Jim was a blackjack dealer at a small dive of a casino in Atlantic City. He also had a gambling addiction.

Linda was pregnant. The baby was due on March 2nd. On February 27th at 1:00 a.m., Jim arrived home early from work in a total panic. He was accused of stealing from the casino, and the furious owners with connections to the mob wanted their money back.

Linda and Jim took 20 minutes to pack what they could, fled Atlantic City, and headed for Canada.

Two hours later, Linda went into labor. Jim pulled off the highway into the city of Passaic, found a hospital, and dropped Linda off at the emergency entrance. Five hours later, Stephen was born.

While Linda was laboring and giving birth, Jim drove around Passaic looking for a car to buy. He found a small, corner car lot that once was a gas station and traded his prized 1983 Porsche 911 SC for a 1977 Vista Cruiser and $150 cash.

Once Stephen was born, slipping into Canada seemed impossible, so for a few months, the Lamoires lived in the station wagon and moved from place to place, trying desperately to avoid capture by Jim's previous employer.

The family never settled anywhere for very long. Jim had difficulty finding work. Any money he earned was earned by gambling. Jim became paranoid, and he self-medicated with alcohol.

Linda began shoplifting to survive. She waited until Stephen was six years old before training him to help her. The mother and son team developed a near perfect system for committing theft. Together they graduated from mere survival to selling stolen DVDs and DVD players out of the back of whatever vehicle they were driving at that time.

In 2013, when Stephen was fifteen years old, the Lamoires traveled through Mississippi on their way to the casinos in Tunica. Linda became violently ill with nausea and extreme abdominal pain. As they passed through Oxford, her pain was so severe that Jim dropped her off at the emergency entrance of Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Linda was admitted and spent four days in the hospital where she was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer.

Jim and Stephen drove the hour and a half to Tunica, where Jim binge-gambled for 48 hours and cashed-in winnings of just over $4,000. When they returned, they rented a small, cheap apartment in Oxford.

Stephen enrolled in high school and got a part-time job with a local mechanic, where he learned basic auto maintenance. He purchased an old, rusty sports car that he overhauled in his spare time.

In 2014, Linda spent two weeks in hospice before she died. Two weeks later, Stephen dropped out of school.

Stephen met Alyx Byrns when he crashed a party that she was having while her parents were out of town.

Police have detained Stephen twice for drag racing, and he was cited numerous times for speeding. He also spent a night in jail for public drunkenness and as a result, lost his job at the mechanic's shop.


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