Paul Byrns had a disagreement with his daughter the day before she died

Paul Byrns

Saturday, April 21, 2018 – 9:04 a.m.

Paul Byrns is Alyx Byrns' father.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Paul Byrns

Detective Armstrong: Good morning, Mr. Byrns. We appreciate you coming to talk with us. Please state your name and address for the record.

Paul Byrns: Thank you. My name is Paul Byrns, and I live at 604 College Hill Road, Oxford Mississippi.

Detective Armstrong: Where were you yesterday?

Paul Byrns: At my office.

Detective Armstrong: What time did you leave the house?

Paul Byrns: I had a morning meeting. Around 7:00. I had to be there. But now my little girl is dead. I loved her so much!

Detective Murphy: We're very sorry, Mr. Byrns. Please take some time to compose yourself.

Paul Byrns: Thank you, but I'd like to get this over with.

Detective Armstrong: When was the last time you saw Alyx?

Paul Byrns: Day before yesterday.

Detective Armstrong: Thursday?

Paul Byrns: Yes.

Detective Murphy: Where was that?

Paul Byrns: At home. She was getting ready to go on a date with Stephen.

Detective Armstrong: Who is Stephen?

Paul Byrns: Stephen Lamoire. Alyx's boyfriend. We didn't approve, but she was almost eighteen so what could we do?

Detective Armstrong: Why didn’t you approve?

Paul Byrns: He was disrespectful. Always in trouble. Serious trouble. Like criminal. Alyx felt sorry for him.

Detective Murphy: Was your daughter involved in his criminal activities?

Paul Byrns: Absolutely not!

Detective Murphy: How do you know that?

Paul Byrns: Alyx was a good girl! She was mischievous, but it was harmless fun. Stephen is a convicted criminal. There’s a difference.

Detective Armstrong: Did you argue with her that last time you last saw her?

Paul Byrns: We exchanged words. It wasn’t heated.

Detective Murphy: What was the nature of this exchange?

Paul Byrns: I told her… I… I said that I would cut her off financially if she continued to see him.

Detective Armstrong: But it wasn’t heated?

Paul Byrns: No.

Detective Armstrong: You just calmly threatened to cut your daughter off, and she calmly accepted?

Paul Byrns: No, it wasn’t like that. It… it was… she knew I would never do that.

Detective Murphy: Had you made these threats in the past?

Paul Byrns: I'm worth millions. Her mother is a local celebrity. There is a lot at stake. Alyx needed to show that she could be responsible.

Detective Armstrong: Was that your last conversation with your daughter?

Paul Byrns: No. I called her yesterday around noon? Or 12:30? I’m sorry. This is so hard.

Detective Armstrong: Of course. We can move on.

Detective Murphy: What can you tell us about Alyx's friends?

Paul Byrns: She had a close friend. Her best friend since second grade. Katie Henderson. Sweet girl.

Detective Murphy: One friend?

Paul Byrns: And recently there’s Megan. I think her last name is Plummer. I don’t know too much about her.

Detective Armstrong: Did they party together?

Paul Byrns: I suppose so.

Detective Armstrong: That didn’t concern you?

Paul Byrns: No. Why should it?

Detective Armstrong: Underage drinking didn’t concern you?

Paul Byrns: My daughter didn’t drink.

Detective Armstrong: Did Alyx have access to your liquor cabinet?

Paul Byrns: No, and it was locked at all times. My daughter didn't drink, Detective. Her mother was a severe alcoholic. Alyx was afraid to start.

Detective Murphy: Your wife is a severe alcoholic?

Paul Byrns: Ex-wife. I was previously married. She was a drunk. It’s why we’re divorced.

Detective Murphy: What’s her name?

Paul Byrns: Miranda Lambert. Last time I checked.

Detective Murphy: When did Alyx last see her?

Paul Byrns: She didn’t see her. I have sole custody. Miranda couldn’t stay sober.

Detective Murphy: So you withheld visitation?

Paul Byrns: No, it was court-ordered. She would drink herself unconscious. Anyway, she wasn’t allowed to see Alyx. Not that she cared.

Detective Armstrong: How do you know that?

Paul Byrns: Last time we met, she asked for money. Not visitation. Money. Didn’t even ask about Alyx.

Detective Murphy: When was that?

Paul Byrns: A couple of years ago.

Detective Armstrong: Can you be more specific?

Paul Byrns: No. I really don’t know. Or care.

Detective Armstrong: How can we contact her?

Paul Byrns: No idea. She called me.

Detective Murphy: Did Alyx ever intentionally cut herself?

Paul Byrns: No! God no. She would never.

Detective Murphy: Never? You’re sure?

Paul Byrns: Yes. First of all, Alyx couldn’t stand the sight of blood. It made her woozy. And she didn’t like sharp objects. She joked about never becoming a surgeon.

Detective Murphy: Do think your daughter would take her own life?

Paul Byrns: She was a beautiful girl with a bright future. My daughter wasn't capable of taking her own life. She had no reason to commit suicide.

Detective Armstrong: Except when you threatened to disinherit her.

Paul Byrns: Oh, my God. No. No. I never would have.

Detective Murphy: Thank you for your time, Mr. Byrns. If you think of anything else, please call.

Paul Byrns: Yes. Of course. Thank you.

Interview ended – 9:52 a.m.

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So the question now becomes "was she playing a prank on her father bc he threatened to cut her off financialy and it all went wrong, or did someone kill her? But, why would they want her dead?" So far it looks like accidental suicide except for...

So the question now becomes "was she playing a prank on her father bc he threatened to cut her off financialy and it all went wrong, or did someone kill her? But, why would they want her dead?" So far it looks like accidental suicide except for one point I can't explain. He says she never drank alcohol but it said somewhere that the parents never told her about her mother. She was raised to believe that Barbara Jones was her mother. Did she find out about her real mother? Did she learn her real mother was an alcoholic and that's the reason why she left? Or did she find her real mother and talk to her? Maybe she told a completely different story as to why she wasn't in her daughter's life? Maybe Paul hid all this and covered it up to protect his daughter. I'm theorizing right now and I know that no good can come from it lol stick to the facts and we'll get to the truth.

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