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Katie Henderson interview

Sunday, July 24, 2022 – 11:30 a.m.

Katie Henderson is Alyx's best friend.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Katie Henderson

Detective Armstrong: We'll try to finish this as soon as possible. Please state your name and address for the record.

Katie Henderson: Oh, thank you. My name is Katherine Henderson, but everyone calls me Katie, and I live at 126 Pine Crest Drive.

Detective Murphy: We need to ask you some questions about Alyx Byrns. We understand that the two of you were close friends?

Katie Henderson: She was my bestie. I miss her so much.

Detective Murphy: I'm sure you do. We're sorry for your loss.

Detective Armstrong: When was the last time you saw Alyx?

Katie Henderson: Thursday morning. The day before she … died.

Detective Murphy: Did you see her Thursday night or at any point on Friday?

Katie Henderson: No. I called her Thursday afternoon and asked if we could have a pool party at her house, but she said the pump on their pool was locked up, and we had to wait until Friday for David to fix it.

Detective Murphy: David who?

Katie Henderson: Her pool guy, David Gregory.

Detective Murphy: So you didn't see Alyx on Thursday night?

Katie Henderson: No. I asked her if we could just hang out later, but she already had plans that night with Stephen. She always had plans with Stephen. So we decided to do something Friday evening.

Detective Armstrong: Don't you have a pool at your house?

Katie Henderson: Yeah, but my folks let my little brother have a pool party at our house on Friday, so ….

Detective Armstrong: How did you and Alyx get along?

Katie Henderson: We never had any problems. We've been friends since first grade.

Detective Armstrong: You expect us to believe that you never had any disagreements?

Katie Henderson: I'm sorry. Sure we had a few, but I swear nothing big. We were never mad at each other for over a day.

Detective Murphy: Did Alyx have any enemies that you know of?

Katie Henderson: A lot of girls were jealous of Alyx.

Detective Armstrong: Why?

Katie Henderson: She had the best clothes and the nicest car, and she was also beautiful. All the boys wanted to be her boyfriend, and all the girls wanted to hang out with her. The girls felt like their boyfriends were only with them because they couldn't be with Alyx.

Detective Armstrong: Were you jealous too?

Katie Henderson: Seriously? No. Maybe she was prettier, but I had everything else that she had. We were friends. You aren't jealous of your best friend.

Detective Murphy: Would Alyx's boyfriend hurt her?

Katie Henderson: Stephen? Oh, God, no. He would never hurt her. If she hadn't broken up with him, he would have followed her anywhere. He was crazy about her.

Detective Armstrong: How did you know they had broken up?

Katie Henderson: Alyx called me on Friday and told me. She was pretty depressed about it. She said she needed a guy who would stand up to her.

Detective Murphy: Stand up to her how?

Katie Henderson: She said Stephen was a wimp, and he would do anything she told him to. There was no challenge. Alyx loved a challenge.

Detective Murphy: Why was she depressed if she was the one who broke up with him?

Katie Henderson: She was bored. And she really wanted her folks to notice her.

Detective Murphy: So she was depressed about her parents?

Katie Henderson: Yeah. They were always too busy for her, and it hurt her. I really think she killed herself.

Detective Murphy: Was she despondent on Friday when you talked to her?

Katie Henderson: Well, I mean, seriously, why would someone else slit her wrist? If they wanted to kill her, why not cut her throat or kill her some other way?

Detective Armstrong: Do you know why Josh Carstairs would have Alyx's phone number?

Katie Henderson: Yes, I gave it to him. He liked her, and he asked me to help him get a date with her. I thought it was funny. Alyx ignored him, and it just made him like her more. He works at our house too.

Detective Armstrong: How well do you know Josh Carstairs?

Katie Henderson: I don't know. He works at our house too, but it's not like we hang out or anything.

Detective Murphy: Where were you on Friday afternoon?

Katie Henderson: Me? I was hanging out with Megan. We were shooting pool in the basement when my dad came down and told us about Alyx.

Detective Murphy: You shot pool all day?

Katie Henderson: I never left the house that day. I was going to meet up with Alyx later in the evening, and the three of us were going to hang out.

Detective Armstrong: Who else besides you and Alex?

Katie Henderson: Megan.

Detective Armstrong: What's Megan's last name?

Katie Henderson: Plummer.

Detective Armstrong: Was Megan with you all day?

Katie Henderson: No, not all day. She wasn't at my house when Alyx called. She showed up shortly after that. This is so upsetting. Can I leave now?

Detective Murphy: We might need to talk to you again, but you can go. Thanks again for your time.

Katie Henderson: You're welcome. Glad I could help.

Interview ended – 12:10 p.m.




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