Alibi check – Lizzie Miller

YCSD investigators spoke to witnesses to see if they could corroborate Lizzie Miller's alibi.

Alibi check – Caroline Miller

YCSD investigators spoke to witnesses to see if they could corroborate Caroline Miller's alibi.

Eddie House interview

Detective Murphy spoke to a custodian at the high school.

Travis Lancaster interview

The detectives talked with the archery coach at the high school.

Canvass – church choir members

Investigators spoke to members of the Faith and Glory Community Church choir.

Canvass – victim's co-workers

Investigators spoke to Frederick Miller's co-workers at Yoknapatawpha High School.

Nathaniel Huggins interview

Detective Armstrong talked with the church choir director about his relationship with Frederick.

Nathaniel Huggins bio

Nathaniel is no stranger to controversy over his music selections for the church.

Donna Palmer interview

The detectives talked to the secretary at Faith and Glory Community Church.

Donna Palmer bio

Donna's faithful service has been essential to the church's growth

Lyle Nelson interview

Detective Murphy consulted a local archery expert to get more information about the murder weapon.

Canvass – Miller neighbors

YCSD investigators spoke to Frederick's neighbors to determine whether they saw or heard anything unusual.

Miller consent search

Caroline Miller gave the detectives permission to search for evidence in their residence.

Lizzie Miller interview

Detective Armstrong spoke to the victim's daughter at the family home.

Caroline Miller interview

Detective Murphy spoke to the victim's wife at the family home.

Lizzie Miller bio

Confident and headstrong, Lizzie is friendly with other teens across all social groups.

Caroline Miller bio

To escape her domineering father, Caroline fled to a midwestern college, where she met Frederick.

Sewcial Compassion flyer

CSU collected a copy of the Sewcial Compassion event flyer.

Crime scene inventory

CSU submitted a preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the crime scene.

Frederick Miller bio

Frederick was known as a demanding biology teacher, archery coach, and choir director.

Teacher slain at local church

The Crime Beat reports: Man exiting church struck with arrow.

Canvass – Sewcial Compassion attendees

Did anyone see or hear anything unusual at the church that night?

Jeremy Willis interview

The detectives asked the third witness at the scene what he saw.

Angie Jennings interview

Detective Murphy talked to the other woman at the scene.

Cheryl Harris interview

Detective Armstrong spoke to the 911 caller.

Crime scene illustration

Investigators put together an informal drawing of the crime scene.

Incident report

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting an unresponsive male at a local church.

New Info for Detectives

Countdown until Case Officers get new information


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