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Jimmy Bragg

Jimmy Bragg was born April 4, 2004, to Paul and Stephanie Bragg in Oxford, Mississippi. Academic records since elementary school indicate that he is a bright but not gifted student. Past teachers have noted that his class participation is inconsistent, but he does well on tests.

He is sociable and well liked. Freshman year, he was voted "Most Outgoing Personality" in his class. His archery teammates all seem to think highly of him, considering him a good teammate and friend.

Jimmy has had some struggles academically since the coursework of high school has become tougher. One student, Karen Lawson, reported that the two of them studied math together during the last year. She said that though he seemed to understand the concepts, his attention tended to drift. School records show that he was tested for ADHD, but their findings indicated that he did not have this condition.

Some classmates described him as a mama's boy because his mom is always around at his archery competitions and practices as well as at the school, where she is a classroom volunteer and checks in on him throughout the day. Other students noted that Jimmy's mom doesn't allow him to eat the cafeteria food, and instead, provides him with a bagged lunch every day, often stopping by his lunch table to make sure he's eating it.

Outside of school, Jimmy can generally be found studying, spending time with his family, or working out to improve his strength and endurance for archery.

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