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Case Solution
Preliminary comparison of Stephanie Bragg samples with crime scene evidence

The crime lab submitted their preliminary comparison of recently collected evidence with crime scene evidence.

  1.   2 Comment
  jinsomnia — There's still an unidentified partial latent fingerprint on ......
  daroo196 — Not looking good for you Stephanie. It will be solid evidenc......
The detectives interrogated a suspect in Frederick Miller's killing

The detectives spoke to a suspect in Frederick Miller's death.

  1.   6 Comment
  daroo196 — If Stephanie has a good defence lawyer she could pretty much......
  shabbymaq — Her arrest seems a whole lot of hocus-pocus at best. Where's......
Alleged killer taken into custody without incident

The Crime Beat reports: Alleged killer taken into custody without incident

  1.   2 Comment
  Scarlett — Yep....
  lgillette — Stick a fork in her - she's done!...

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